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Lynn Anderson

Lynn Anderson

French Faculty

Phone: 678-839-5958 | Fax: 678-839-5931

Email:  landerso@westga.edu

Office: Cobb Hall 110


Lynn Anderson received her Ph.D. in French from Princeton University and is Associate Professor of French at the University of West Georgia. She has published on poets Jacques Réda (Romanic Review; forthcoming in Dalhousie French Studies), Philippe Jaccottet (L’Érudit franco-espagnol) and Du Bellay (Romance Quarterly). She is a specialist in modern French poetry and teaches courses on the poetry of city spaces, 19th and 20th century French literature, and cinematic adaptations of French literature. Her research interests include the structure of poetic language, the relation between poetry and space, the visual arts and literature, and film studies.

Courses and Sections

  • Courses Taught
    • FREN-1002 (Elementary French II)    
    • FREN-2001 (Intermediate French I)    
    • FREN-2002 (Intermediate French II)    
    • FREN-3100 (Composition and Conversation)    
    • FREN-3211 (Love & Desire in French Cinema)    
    • XIDS-2100 (Sexuality&GenderInWorldCinema)    
  • Summer 2015 Sections
    • XIDS-2100 (Gender&SexualityInWorldCinema) Section: 01
  • Spring 2015 Sections
    • FREN-2002 (Intermediate French II) Section: 01
    • FREN-2002 (Intermediate French II) Section: 02
    • FREN-3100 (Composition and Conversation) Section: 01W
  • Fall 2014 Sections
    • FREN-2001 (Intermediate French I) Section: 01
    • FREN-2001 (Intermediate French I) Section: 02
    • FREN-3211 (Love & Desire in French Cinema) Section: 01
  • Summer 2014 Sections
    • XIDS-2100 (Sexuality&GenderInWorldCinema) Section: 01
  • Spring 2014 Sections
    • FREN-1002 (Elementary French II) Section: 02
    • FREN-1002 (Elementary French II) Section: 03
    • FREN-1002 (Elementary French II) Section: 04