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Jeffrey Zamostny

Jeffrey Zamostny

Spanish Faculty

Phone: 678-839-5959 | Fax: 678-839-5931


Office: Cobb Hall 102


Jeffrey Zamostny has been teaching Spanish and Gender & Sexuality Studies at the University of West Georgia since the Spring of 2012. He completed his doctorate in Hispanic Studies at the University of Kentucky (2012) and his bachelor's degree in Spanish at McDaniel College (2007), as well as a Graduate Certificate in Social Theory at the University of Kentucky (2010). At UWG, he enjoys teaching courses across the curriculum in Spanish language, culture, and literature; directing the Minor in Gender & Sexuality Studies; working with first year students in the FLAIR (Foreign Languages and International Relations) Living-Learning Community; and directing summer study abroad in Costa Rica. His research focuses on male homosexuality in the literature and culture of fin de siglo Spain, although he also published on issues of sexuality across the Hispanic world, as well as on contemporary Argentine cinema. His publications appear in such venues as Revista de Estudios Hispanicos (St. Louis, MO), Chasqui, Decimononica, and MELUS. Zamostny is director of Professions, the 28th Annual Interdisciplinary Conference in the Humanities at UWG (October 31-November 2, 2013).

Courses and Sections

  • Courses Taught
    • SPAN-1001 (Elementary Spanish I)    
    • SPAN-2002 (Intermediate Spanish II)    
    • SPAN-3030 (Intro to Hispanic Literature)    
    • SPAN-3102 (Spanish Composition)    
    • SPAN-4012 (Spanish Culture & Civilization)    
    • SPAN-4205 (Hispanic Lit & Cult in Context)    
    • SPAN-4260 (Modern Spanish Poetry)    
    • SPAN-4484 (Senior Capstone)    
    • SPAN-4785 (Special Topics in Spanish)    
    • XIDS-2002 (WDYK Abt: Foreign Languages)    
    • XIDS-2100 (Intro to Gender & Sexuality)    
  • Summer 2014 Sections
    • SPAN-2002 (Intermediate Spanish II) Section: 01S
    • SPAN-3102 (Spanish Composition) Section: 01S
    • SPAN-4205 (Hispanic Lit & Cult in Context) Section: 01S
  • Spring 2014 Sections
    • SPAN-1001 (Elementary Spanish I) Section: 11
    • SPAN-1001 (Elementary Spanish I) Section: 13
    • SPAN-4012 (Spanish Culture & Civilization) Section: 01W
  • Fall 2013 Sections
    • XIDS-2002 (WDYK Abt: Foreign Languages) Section: LCK
    • SPAN-2002 (Intermediate Spanish II) Section: 01
    • SPAN-2002 (Intermediate Spanish II) Section: 02
    • SPAN-4260 (Modern Spanish Poetry) Section: 01W
    • SPAN-4484 (Senior Capstone) Section: 01
  • Summer 2013 Sections
    • SPAN-3102 (Spanish Composition) Section: 01S
    • SPAN-4785 (Special Topics in Spanish) Section: 01S
  • Spring 2013 Sections
    • SPAN-2002 (Intermediate Spanish II) Section: 04
    • XIDS-2100 (Intro to Gender & Sexuality) Section: 05    [ View Syllabus ]
    • SPAN-3030 (Intro to Hispanic Literature) Section: 01W
    • SPAN-4484 (Senior Capstone) Section: 01