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Foreign Languages and International Relationships (FLAIR)




FLAIR is a Living-Learning Community for students wishing to develop fluency in French, German, or Spanish. When you are a part of this community, you will experience cultural learning in and out of the classroom. This community provides an opportunity to live with students who share a common ground. If you are interested in FLAIR you will need to have a housing application on file in order to be considered for the FLAIR community.  Remember to also select this Living-Learning Community and hall preference on your housing application for fullest consideration.

Where is the community located?

University Suites Building 3-first floor, co-ed 

Can I live in this LLC with someone who is not participating in the program?

Sorry, but no. All students living in the rooms designated for the FLAIR community must participate in the FLAIR program.   

Are there required courses? 

Yes.  Students in the community must take a foreign language course each semester and an XIDS course in the Fall semester.  The XIDS course is a 2-credit hour common community course that fulfills a section of the core curriculum.   

To view the Fall 2013 FLAIR Schedule please click here.

To whom is the community open?

The FLAIR community is for all classifications of students and also counts as a first-year experience program for freshmen.   

Is there a fee for the community?

Yes, FLAIR participants are required to pay a $20 special interest housing fee each semester to fund specialized community features. 


Enrollment Instructions