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Global Environment & Social Justice


The Global Environment and Social Justice Learning Community is organized for students interested in addressing  environmental and social issues in a globalizing world. Undeniably, the basic dimensions of our lives---food, water, energy, climate, jobs and incomes, financial relations, cultural values, religious practice, politics, and even sport---are profoundly shaped by global processes and systems. Individual success, effective citizenship, and social leadership entail the capacity to make, defend, and communicate reasoned judgments about what is right or wrong, fair or unfair, just or unjust, in an interconnected, interdependent world. This learning community targets students from across the sciences, social sciences, arts, humanities, such as geography, geology, economics, anthropology, sociology, philosophy, criminology, psychology, political science, religion, global studies, environmental studies, and history. 

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For which students?

These Learning Communities are particularly well-suited for students interested in developing an understanding of the global processes that shape our local places and daily lives and increasing awareness of other cultures and worldviews, and especially for students with an interest in international travel or employment. 

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