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Sustainable Cities


The Sustainable Cities Learning Community is organized for students interested in thinking creatively about cities and towns. All cities and towns are the products of natural and social systems. The city is as much “natural” as it is “social”—it is an assemblage of economic and water flows, political boundaries, air and soil, culture and biological landscapes, etc. How can we evaluate cities and towns (e.g. Atlanta and Carrollton) as socio-natural places? Which ones will last (they’re sustainable”) and which ones will need to change, and how? Can we envision a “better” Atlanta and/or Carrollton? What would it look like? Answers to these questions will require considerations from many perspectives, from the scientific, economic, and political to the ethical, spiritual, and aesthetic. 

Who should join?

This learning community targets students from across the sciences, social sciences, arts, and humanities. 


To view the Fall 2013 Sustainable Cities Learning Community schedule please click here.