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iServe Mentoring

      iStand! iServe!

Are you interested in making your education include more than class attendance and typical assignments? are you passionate about finding a cause, a purpose, and meaning in what you are learning? Do you like to help your community and are excited about possibly having your community service be a part of your education? If you answered yes to these questions, then you should consider being part of the iServe mentoring program!

The iServe program is service learning, meaning you learn through taking action, such as taking a stand on a public policy issue (iStand for a Cause) and/or giving back by participating in meaningful community service projects (iServe Humanity).

To participate, you must choose iServe as your First-Year Program. You will then be enrolled in a section of Political Science 1101 along with the other iServe participants. All students are required to take this American Government course, as part of the core curriculum. This means regardless of your major, this is a class you will need to take at some point. Upper class peer mentors will be carefully and thoughtfully selected to provide support for you as you transition to college life, as well as lead weekly study sessions. Having an experienced college student provide this kind of assistance is truly valuable during your first year!

The mentors will also work with you on selecting your causes and finding your iStand and iServe passions. You will be allowed a variety of projects to choose from and will receive credit for the course by successful completion of these projects. You are requried to complete at least one project, and can complete up to four to receive full credit for the iServe portion of your class grade. If you complete less than four projects, you can make up the additiontal creidt by attending the weekly study sessions. This flexibility allows you to be involved with the program in the way you feel most comfortable.

Participation Requirements
• Enroll in POLS 1101
• Attend weekly study sessions with mentors
• Participate in service projects


For More Information contact the iServe Advisor:
Christie Williams, Associate Director
EXCEL Center for Academic Success, UCC 200
Phone: 678-839-6280, E-Mail: Christie@westga.edu

Enrollment instructions