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Learning Communities

A Learning Community is a small group of students who take their classes together during their first year. These courses center on a common theme, such as film, creative writing, the environment, or science-based careers in either the health professions or engineering. UWG also provides a Learning Community for students who are uncertain about their major or career path—Making Decisions. Learning Communities are available for both residential and commuter students. For more information about each Community, visit the links to the right.

Learning Communities offer a "small college" environment within the larger campus. Some of your classes consist only of your fellow Learning Community students, while others will include non-Learning Community students as well. Your class schedule is pre-set and will include a thematic Learning Community course, English Composition, and other Core courses needed for graduation.

Please note that, because Learning Community schedules are predetermined, student scheduling options are extremely limited.  Students who enroll in a Learning Community are assumed to be committed to two semesters of pre-set classes with very few exceptions (students who enter with AP credit, however, will not be expected to take courses for which they have already received credit).  Furthermore, due to the inflexibility of Learning Community schedules, student athletes are advised to consult coaching staff before commiting to a Learning Community schedule, as it may conflict with practice times.