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Approved Courses

The following is a list of courses currently approved for the minor.  Not all courses are offered every semester.  Faculty members, if you feel that a course you are teaching should be considered for approval, please inform the director of the minor at

• XIDS 2100: Introduction to Gender and Sexuality Studies

• XIDS 2100: Sex and the City: Berlin, Vienna, New York

• XIDS 2100: Women in Twentieth Century Germany

• XIDS 2100: Turn of the Century German and Austrian Culture

• XIDS 2100: Sex and Society in Fiction and Film

• ENGL 4185: Studies in Literature by Women (American): Women on the Road

• ENGL 4185: Literature by Women: The Sign of Angellica: The Female Body (Politic) and British Women Writers

• FREN 3210: Topics in French Literature: La voix féminine à travers les âges

• FREN 4210: French Literature and Film: La femme transgressive

• GRMN 4785: Special Topics in German: Sex, Gender, and Nation in German Literature

• GRMN 4785: Special Topics in German: Gender and German Film (also FILM 4081)

• HIST 4467: Women in American History Since 1877

• HIST 4468: Women in American History to 1877

• PHIL 4240: Philosophy of Friendship and Love

• PHIL 4381: Feminist Theories

• PSYC 4085: Sexuality and Spirituality

• SOCI 3603: Sociology of Gender