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Click on the names below for information about the faculty affiliates of Gender and Sexuality Studies and other faculty members currently teaching courses for the minor. 

Bonnie Jett Adams (English) 

Lynn Anderson (French)

John Blair (German)

Lisa Connell (French)

Muriel Cormican (German)

Lisa Crafton (English)

Eilis Crean (Art)

Amy Cuomo (Theatre)

Betsy Dahms (Spanish)

Janet Donohoe (Philosophy)

Rebecca Harrison (English)

Emily Hipchen (English)

Erin Johnson (Art)

Debra MacComb (English)

Laura Miller (English)

Erin Lee Mock (English)

Carrie Pitzulo (History)

Rita Tekippe (Art)

Felix Tweraser (German)

Colleen Vasconcellos (History)

Heather Vinson (Art)

Christina Wolfe (Sociology)

Christina Wright (Psychology)

Jeffrey Zamostny (Spanish)