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Currently Offered Courses

Summer of 2015

XIDS 2100: Intro to Gender & Sexuality Studies (Maymester, M-F, 1-4:25, Laura Miller)

Spring of 2015

ENGL 4188-01W: Jane Austen (MW 11-12:20, Lisa Crafton)

ENGL 2190-01: Literature by Women (TR 11-12:20, Laura Miller)

HIST 4486-E01: Women in American History since 1877 (online, Carrie Pitzulo)

PHIL 4240-01W: Philosophy of Friendship and Love (MWF 1-1:52, Janet Donohoe)

XIDS 2100-02: Images of Women on Stage & Screen (M 5:30-8:15, Amy Cuomo)

Fall of 2014

ENGL 2190-01: Literature by Women (TR 11-12:20, Lisa Crafton)

FREN 3211: Love and Desire in French Cinema (MW 3:30-4:50, Lynn Anderson)

HIST 4468-01W: Women in American History since 1877 (TR 12:30-1:50, TBA)

XIDS 2100-02: American Womanhood (TR 9:30-10:50, Debra MacComb)

Summer of 2014

XIDS 2100-01: Sexuality and Gender in World Cinema (MTWThF 1-4:25, Session I, Lynn Anderson)

XIDS 2100-N01: Images of Women on Stage and Screen (online, Amy Cuomo)

Spring of 2014

XIDS 2100-01: Intro to Gender & Sexuality Studies (MW 12:30-1:50, Betsy Dahms)

ANTH 3186-01: Anthropology of Gender (TR 9:30-10:50, Lisa Gezon)

ENGL 2190-01: Literature by Women (topic: Women and the City) (MW 12:30-1:50, Laura Miller)

ENGL 4109-01W: Film as Literature (topic: Images of Addiction) (MW 11-12:20, Erin Lee Mock)

ENGL 4185-01W: Popular British Women Writers (MW 9:30-10:50, Laura Miller)

HIST 4485-02: American Sexual History (R 5:30-8, Carrie Pitzulo)

PHIL 4130-01: Feminist Philosophy (TR 11-12:20, Rosemary Kellison)

PSYC 4085-02: Spirituality & Sexuality (TR 12:30-1:50, Christina Wright)

SOCI 3603-N01: Sociology of Gender (online, Anne Hunter)

XIDS 2100-05: Arts & Ideas: American Womanhood (TR 12:30-1:50, Debra MacComb)

XIDS 2100-N01: Images of Women on Screen & Stage (online, Amy Cuomo)

Fall of 2013

ENGL 2190-01: Studies in Literature by Women (TR 2-3:20, Lisa Gena Propst)

ENGL 4188-02W: Eudora Welty (TR 3:30-4:50, Rebecca Harrison)

FREN 3211-01: Sexuality & Gender in French & Francophone Cinema (MW 2-3:20, Lynn Anderson)

HIST 4467-01: Women in American History to 1877 (R 5:30-8, Carrie Pitzulo)

SPAN 4785-01W: Latino/Chicano Literature (taught in Spanish, special emphasis on gender and sexual identity; MW 12:30-1:50, Betsy Dahms) 

Summer of 2013

ENGL 4180-01W: Southern Literature (special emphasis on gender and sexuality; TR 2-4:30, Rebecca Harrison)

XIDS 2100-02D: Arts and Ideas: Special Topics: The Body of French and Francophone Art and Literature (partially online course, Lisa Connell)

XIDS 2100-N03: Images of Women on Stage and Screen (fully online course, Amy Cuomo) 

Spring of 2013

XIDS 2100-05: Introduction to Gender and Sexuality Studies (M 5:30-8, Jeffrey Zamostny)

ENGL 2190: Literature by Women (MW 9:30-10:50, Bonnie Jett Adams)

SOCI 3603: Sociology of Gender (online course, Christina Wolfe)

HIST 4485-04: Latin American Women (TR 3:30-4:50, Colleen Vasconcellos)