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Other Approved GS Courses

For Tracks 1-2: Social Sciences

ANTH 3105 General Archaeology
ANTH 3106 Physical Anthropology
ANTH 3150 Indians of South America
ANTH 3151 Seminar on Warfare
ANTH 3156 Archaeology of Political Organizations
ANTH 3157 Applied Anthropology
ANTH 3158 Economic Anthropology
ANTH 3180 Environmental Anthropology:
ANTH 3184 Mesoamerican Archaeology
ANTH 3186 Anthropology of Gender
ANTH 4106 North American Indians
ANTH 4115 North American Archaeology
ANTH 4120 Indians of the Southeastern United States
ANTH 4132 Human Life Cycle in Cross-Cultural Perspective
ANTH 4134 Animals and Culture
ANTH 4144 Peoples and Cultures of Latin America
ANTH 4150 Human Evolution
ANTH 4155 Peoples and Cultures of Sub-Saharan Africa
ANTH 4170 Myth, Magic, and Religion
ANTH 4173 Language and Culture
ANTH 4175 Ethnohistory
ANTH 4177 Social Organization
XIDS 3300 Africana Studies
HIST 3311 Ancient Near East and Classical World
HIST 3312 Near East in Middle Ages
HIST 3313 Near East in Modern Times
HIST 3315 Civilization of India
HIST 3318 African Society: The Precolonial Era
HIST 3321 Western Europe in the Middle Ages
HIST 3323 17th and 18th Century Europe
HIST 3324 Nineteenth-Century Europe, 1815-1919
HIST 3326 Colonial Latin America
HIST 3327 Latin America Since Independence
HIST 3341 The British Isles to 1603
HIST 3342 The British Isles Since 1603
HIST 3351 Imperial Russia
HIST 3361 American Diplomacy
HIST 3362 African-American History to 1865
HIST 3363 African-American History since 1865
HIST 4401 Theory and Practice of Oral History
HIST 4411 European Renaissance in Global Perspective
HIST 4412 The Reformation
HIST 4418 20th Century Europe
HIST 4419 The Cold War
HIST 4420 The Holocaust
HIST 4421 Mexico Since Independence
HIST 4424 Conflict and Interdependence
HIST 4430 The Vietnam War
HIST 4433 Introduction to Modern China
HIST 4436 French Revolution-Napoleon
HIST 4437 France since 1815
HIST 4440 Modern Germany
HIST 4443 Introduction to Modern Japan
HIST 4446 Soviet Russia
HIST 4461 Environmental History
PLAN 3703 Small Town and Rural Planning
POLS 3102 Women and Politics
POLS 3401 Comparative Politics
POLS 3501 International Relations
POLS 4209 Environmental Policy
POLS 4401 African Politics
POLS 4402 Russian Politics
POLS 4403 Latin American Politics
POLS 4501 International Law
POLS 4502 Gender and Ethnicity in International Politics
POLS 4503 International Organization
POLS 4601 Ancient and Medieval Political Thought
POLS 4602 Modern Political Thought
POLS 4603 American Political Thought
PSYC 3010 Human Growth and Development
PSCY 3110 Human Sexuality
PSYC 3470 Existential Psychology
PSYC 3580 Holistic Health Psychology
PSYC 3730 Social Psychology
PSYC 3743 Collective Behavior/Social Movements
PSYC 4040 Psychology of Dreams
PSYC 4130 Eastern and Transpersonal Psychologies
PSYC 4140 Psychology of Gender
PSYC 4290 Moral and Social Development
PSYC 4350 Culture and Psychology
PSYC 4650 Transpersonal Development
SOCI 3100 Sociology of Humor
SCOI 3263 Social Inequality
SOCI 3273 Managing Cultural Differences
SOCI 3603 Sociology of Gender
SOCI 3733 Social Psychology
SOCI 3743 Collective Behavior/Social Movements
SOCI 4103 Women and Work
SOCI 4323 Cultural and Racial Minorities
SOCI 4513 Comparative Social Psychology
SOCI 4623 Art, Media, Cultural Politics
SOCI 4803 Environmental Sociology
ECON 3410 Macroeconomic Policy
ECON 3425 Economic Geography
ECON 3430 World Economic History
ECON 3440 History of Economic Thought
ECON 4420 Labor Relations
ECON 4450 International Trade
ECON 4455 International Financial Economics
ECON 4470 Comparative Economic Systems

The Humanities

ART 4200 The Art of Greece and Rome
ART 4201 History of Non-Western Art
ART 4202 Early Christian, Byzantine, and Medieval Art
ART 4204 Art of the Renaissance
ART 4206 Art of Early Modern Europe: 1600-1850
ART 4208 Modern and Contemporary Art
COMM 3356 Film & Culture
ENGL 3300 Studies in American Culture
ENGL 4100 British Literature by Genre
ENGL 4105 American Literature by Genre
ENGL 4106 Studies by Genre
ENGL 4109 Film as Literature
ENGL 4110 Medieval Literature
ENGL 4115 Renaissance Literature
ENGL 4120 Seventeenth-Century British Literature
ENGL 4125 Colonial and Early American Literature
ENGL 4130 Eighteenth-Century British Literature
ENGL 4135 British Romanticism
ENGL 4140 American Romanticism
ENGL 4145 Victorian Literature
ENGL 4150 American Realism and Naturalism
ENGL 4155 Twentieth-Century British Literature
ENGL 4160 Twentieth-Century American Literature
ENGL 4165 Contemporary British & American Literature
ENGL 4170 African-American Literature
ENGL 4175 Studies in World Literature
ENGL 4185 Studies in Literature by Women
FORL 4300 Seminar in Global Studies
MUSC 4300 Jazz History and Styles
PHIL 2160 Philosophy and Literature
PHIL 3100 Ancient and Medieval Philosophy
PHIL 3110 Modern Philosophy
PHIL 3130 Analytic Philosophy
PHIL 3150 Existentialism
PHIL 3200 Biblical Studies
PHIL 3210 Christian Theology
PHIL 3230 Philosophy of Religion
PHIL 3240 World Religions
PHIL 4115 Political Philosophy
PHIL 4120 Professional Ethics
THEA 3357 Theatre History I
THEA 4457 Theatre History II

For Track 3: The Sciences

BIOL 3621 Genetics & Medical Genetics
BIOL 4241 Entomology
BIOL 4445 Marine Biology
BIOL 4450 Terrestrial Ecology
BIOL 4541 Plant Physiology
BIOL 4727 Essentials of Immunology
CHEM 4003 History and Philosophy of Science
ENVS 3180 Environmental Anthropology
ENVS 4803 Environmental Sociology
GEOG 3253 Economic Geography
GEOG 3563 Remote Sensing of the Environment
GEOG 3713 Weather and Climate
GEOL 3603 Environmental Geology
GEOL 4024 Paleontology
PHYS 3703 Physics, Energy, and the Environment
XIDS 3200 History and Philosophy of Science

*Other special topics courses may be added with the permission of the Global Studies Committee.