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Map Collection

Philosophy and Goals

The Map Collection at Ingram Library is provided and maintained to support for the University of West Georgia curriculum. The collection is intended to be a resource for the academic programs at UWG, as well as for research and study by members of the UWG community. Local and regional community members also have access to this collection. By preserving, making available, instructing, and assisting the campus community and the public in the use of maps, department staff contributes to cartographic education and ensures the preservation of the map collection for future generations.

Selection Responsibility

The primary selection responsibility for the Map Collection lies with the Documents Librarian.

Maps Contained in the Collection

Federal Depository Library Program (FDLP) Maps
The largest part of our map collection consists of maps acquired through the FDLP. These are primarily United States Geographical Survey (USGS) Topographic maps and State Highway Maps, which are housed in map cabinets by state and area. The library does receive other maps through the FDLP, maps from agencies such as the CIA and the Census Bureau, and these maps may be housed with the regular Documents Collection.

Other United States Maps
Ingram Library does receive maps from other sources such as National Geographic. These maps may also be housed in the map cabinets arranged by Library of Congress Classification.

Foreign Maps
We have a limited collection of foreign maps, which are found in the map cabinets arranged by Library of Congress Classification.

A small collection of atlases are kept in atlas stands in the map area and in the reference area. These include historical atlases, general U.S. atlases, and limited other national and thematic atlases.

Levels and Dates of Coverage

This is a list of geographical areas covered by the map collection. The collection level explanations can be found in the Collection Development Policy for Government Documents, Appendix B.

 Geographical Area  Level of Coverage  Dates of Coverage
 Georgia  4 All
 Southeast United States  3b Current, with some historical
 United States  3a Current, with some historical
 World  2 Current, with some historical
 North America  1 Current, with some historical
 South America  1 Current
 Africa  1 Current
 Asia  1 Current
 Australia  1 Current
 Europe  1 Current
 Nautical Charts (Oceans, Seas, etc.)  0 None
 Moon, Planets, Solar System  1 Current


English language materials are primarily collected, but other languages may also be considered and are sometimes the only choice.


While the traditional sheet format is primarily collected, other formats (e.g. CD-ROMS, microforms, etc.) may be collected when the information they convey is considered essential to the philosophy and goals of the map collection.

Support Materials

Geographical gazetteers, map indexes, map use manuals, cartobibliographies, dictionaries, glossaries, map dealers' catalogs, books and periodicals on map librarianship, and other reference works directly related to the map collection and its management and preservation may be acquired.

Policy Revision

This collection development policy will be reviewed at least yearly and amended as considered necessary by the Documents Librarian. Changes in the FDLP as well as changes in programs at UWG and the needs of the UWG community will be reflected in any revisions to this policy.

Last Revision Date: 06 June 2000