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A UWG graduate degree or certificate will enhance your professional opportunities. As a SACS accredited university, students can earn master's degrees, specialist degrees, doctoral degrees, Georgia educator certifications (non-degree), and UWG certificates (non-degree). We offer 100% online programs, campus-based programs, and "hybrid" programs that mix the best of online and face-to-face learning environments.       

Our Graduate Studies Associates (GSA) in the five Colleges and School of Nursing can answer your questions, connect you with the graduate faculty, and help you navigate the admission process. Call, email, or visit them to get started. When you identify the right program to meet your needs, follow the application steps below. Remember to contact the GSA if you need help.



Step 1 – Online Application

Complete the online application for admission to graduate studies. You will receive a confirmation message indicating that your application has been submitted.

When you submit your online application, you will directed to pay the $40.00 non-refundable application fee by credit card to the University of West Georgia. Call the UWG Admissions Office (678-839-4000) if you need help.

If you are a McNair Scholar, please check the waiver option at the end of the application to waive the application fee.  Then, submit this form to or fax to 678-839-1395.

Step 2 – Official Transcripts and All Required Documents

Contact each institution you have attended and request that they mail an official copy of your transcript directly to the UWG Admissions Office.  Send transcripts and all supplemental items to the following address:

Office of Graduate and International Admissions
University of West Georgia
Aycock Hall
Carrollton, GA 30118-4160

Electronic transcripts can be sent to  Please do not send electronic transcripts to colleges, departments, or program directors.

If a transcript is mailed to you instead of to UWG Admissions, do not open it. Forward the transcript in its original, sealed envelope directly to the UWG Admissions Office.

Step 3 – Graduate Entrance Exam

Graduate programs vary in their requirements for entrance examinations. Contact the Graduate Studies Associate in your College or the School of Nursing to learn what exam your program requires, if any.

If your program requires an entrance exam, your next step is to schedule the graduate entrance exam . Take the exam 6 weeks prior to the application deadline to insure adequate time for processing. Exam scores will be reported directly to the UWG Admissions Office.

Use the University of West Georgia institution code #5900 for the GRE, GMAT, and TOEFL. Applicants taking the MAT should use the institution code #2376.

A photocopy of your personal exam results may be submitted to the UWG Admissions Office to verify that the exam was taken; however, official test results must be received from the testing agency (e.g., Educational Testing Service, Psychological Corporation, or Graduate Management Admissions Council) before your application will be considered complete.

Step 4 – Program Specific Requirements

Each graduate program has specific requirements that you must meet in order to enroll. Contact the Graduate Studies Associate in your College or the School of Nursing for details about specific admission requirements for your program.

Send all program specific documents directly to your GSA, rather than to the UWG Admission Office.

Step 5 – Verification of Lawful Presence

Students who want to qualify for in-state tuition rates must verify their lawful presence in Georgia. See information about Verification of Lawful Presence for instructions on verifying lawful presence.

Because online students pay eTuition rates, which are neither in-state nor out-of-state, they are not required to verify lawful presence.

Step 6 – Proof of Immunization

After you are admitted, you will be required to show proof of immunization. Send your Certificate of Immunization to:

Office of Student Health Services
University of West Georgia
Carrollton, GA 30118-4700

This requirement is a Georgia Board of Regents policy; however, there is one exception. If you will never travel to a UWG campus or site, you may apply for an Immunization Exemption. Contact the Immunization Clerk with your request by calling Health Services at 678-839-6452.


After you have completed the application process, log in to our Graduate Student Pre-Enrollment Preparation Site (PREP) to check the status of your application. When attempting to login, your ID Number will be your social security number, and your PIN is the last 2 digits of your birth year followed by the last 4 digits of your social security number.

Example: If your social security number is 123-45-6789 and birth year is 1990, then your login information will be: ID = 123456789 Pin = 906789

If you have a PIN, but have forgotten it, please select 'Change Pin'.