Theses & Dissertations

Format Review and Binding

Doctoral students and master’s students (thesis track) submit copies of the thesis or dissertation for processing and binding after the successful defense and changes required by the thesis or dissertation committee have been made. 

  • Students should follow the guidelines in the Thesis & Dissertation Formatting Guidelines Handbook.  Each thesis/dissertation needs to be reviewed by the designated college representative. The director of your graduate program or your department chair can tell you who the representative is for your college. 

The student has full responsibility for ensuring that all copies of the thesis or dissertation are correct in content and form. 

Due Date to Submit Thesis or Dissertation to Library for Binding

Submission of the thesis or dissertation to the Library for binding is a graduation requirement for doctoral students and master’s students on the thesis track. Students must submit the required number of copies determined by the graduate program to the Library for binding by the due dates noted below. Planning ahead will ensure that students have ample opportunity to complete all changes before the deadlines noted below. 

  • Spring Graduation - April 12
  • Summer Graduation - July 1
  • Fall Graduation - November 1

If the deadline falls on a weekend or holiday, then it is due on the following workday by 5:00 p.m.

NOTE: All costs incurred for binding and processing the thesis or dissertation are the responsibility of the student.