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College of Social Sciences


The College of Social Sciences is committed to providing quality instruction in our majors and in the core. The college is home to six departments, eight undergraduate programs, five graduate programs and one doctoral program.

The programs of the College of Social Sciences are united by a shared passion for understanding the richness of human behavior and the complexity of communication among people. We are concerned with societies, cultures, groups and, above all, individuals. The faculty of the College of Social Sciences is dedicated to educating students to meet the challenges of the future, not merely to live in the present.

Anthropology - Bachelor of Science in Anthropology.

Criminology - Bachelor of Science in Criminology (majors advised in the EXCEL Center until 39 hours in Core A-E are completed, at which point advisement takes place in the Sociology Department).

Mass Communications - Bachelor of Arts in Mass Communications offered with emphases in Convergence Journalism, Film and Media Arts, and Public Relations (Freshmen and Sophomores advised in EXCEL Center).

Political Science - Bachelor of Arts /Bachelor of Science in Political Science. BA in Political Science with a concentration in general political science or pre-law. BS in Political Science offered with concentrations in general political science, planning, or pre-law.

Psychology - Bachelor of Arts in General Psychology (two ways to declare: 15 credit hours and 2.5 GPA or attain a C in Psych 1101, complete 45 credit hours, and achieve 3 grades of B or better in upper division Psych classes. Lower division majors and pre-majors advised in EXCEL Center).

Sociology - Bachelor of Science in General Sociology (lower division majors advised in EXCEL Center).


Minors are offered in Anthropology, Criminology, Mass Communications, Political Science, Psychology, and Sociology.

Contact Information

Dean: Dr. N. Jane McCandless
Associate Dean: Dr. Heather A.D. Mbaye
Phone: (678) 839-5170
Fax: (678) 839-5171
Location: Pafford Hall, Suite 336