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Wolf Watch

Wolf Watch is a web-based tool designed to help students and advisors monitor student's progress toward degree completion.  Wolf Watch tracks degree progress, prepares for registration, and plans for graduation. This degree audit system combines UWG's degree requirements and student's completed coursework in a user friendly worksheet. In addition, it maintains a record of advisement notes and schedules. Wolf Watch is an effective tool that aids academic advising, but it is not intended to replace face to face advising sessions.

Wolf Watch allows students and advisors the ability to develop long-range degree completion plans. Wolf Watch also streamlines the graduation process, and it helps students spend less time deciphering degree requirements and more time pursuing their academic goals.  In addition, Wolf Watch contains several features which allow students to make informed decisions about their future schedule.  These include the following tools:

"What if" feature which enables students to pick a different major and view this modified degree audit.

"Look Ahead" feature that will apply future courses to a student's audit to view their effect.

"GPA Calculator" for term calculation, advice calculation, and graduation calculation.

"Planner" feature that will allow students and their advisors to plan for upcoming semesters.


All currently enrolled undergraduate students who first attended UWG in Fall 1998 or later can utilize Wolf Watch.