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First-Year Programs

The transition into college life, including meeting new academic expectations, becoming involved on campus and feeling connected to your new environment, is one of the most challenging aspects of any college career. For that reason, the University of West Georgia has implemented a set of programs to assist students in that transition.

These programs engage students in the intellectual, social, and cultural dimensions of learning while challenging them to develop the skills and sense of responsibility needed to become successful college students. UWG's first-year programs provide a foundational experience that meets the diverse needs of our students. First-Year for Everyone allows students to choose the program that best fits their needs. All incoming first-year students enroll in one of these programs.

Classroom Based Programs

Learning Communities
A Learning Community is a small group of students who take a thematic “keystone course†together and enroll jointly in their other core curriculum classes with non-Learning Community students.

Living-Learning Communities
Living-learning communities are similar to learning communities. However, these students will reside together on one floor of a residence hall. The following Living-Learning Communities are offered during the 2011-2012 academic year: African American Male Initiative, African American Women, Art, Chemistry, Creative Writing, Film, Global Initiatives, Global Social Change, North American Communities, Pre-Engineering.

Foreign Languages and International relations (FLAIR) is a living-learning community for students who an interest in French, German, Spanish, and/or international relations.  With mentorship from faculty and peers, FLAIR students will learn about foreign languages, cultures, and people.  FLAIR will combine class lectures, mentorship, and speakers and will live in the University Suites.

MALES is an outdoor adventure living-learning community for men living on a floor in Strozier Hall.  These students will take the course PWLA 2611 (06): Backpacking/Camping and have an opportunity to participate in outdoor adventure trips.

Well Women of the West is a living-learning community for women interested in dance. They will live on a floor in Watson Hall.  These students will take PWLA 1639 (01): Social Dance.

UWG 1101: The University Experience
UWG 1101,a graded 2-credit elective course offered only to first-year students, teaches the skills and habits necessary to succeed in all aspects of college life. 

Emerging Leaders
This program combines UWG 1101 with leadership-building activities and opportunities such as retreats, workshops, service learning, and participation in student organizations.

Honors College
The Honors College offers special courses, activities, and a residence hall option to students who are Honors-eligible.

Mentor-Based Programs

iServe Mentoring
iServe pairs upper-class peer mentors with first-year students to help ease their transition to college life academically and socially. Student and mentor together complete a service project.

Multicultural Achievement Program (MAP) Mentoring
MAP Mentoring provides trained peer mentors to guide first-year minority students through UWG's academics and social life.

The Freshman Commuter
Each student in the Freshman Commuter is assigned a commuter mentor who acts as a UWG resource to connect students with UWG.

Residential Peer Mentoring (RPM)
RPM integrates learning opportunities in the residence hall with those of the greater UWG community. In-hall programs include Student Academic Mentors (SAMs), Resident Assistants (RAs), certified tutors, and more.

Contact Information:

e-mail: fye@westga.edu