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Core Curriculum and Academic Advising


For help with your academic success call the EXCEL Center at 678-839-6280.

Core Curriculum and Academic Advising

The core curriculum provides a foundation for the knowledge and intellectual skills constituting the University's judgment of what is essential to being an educated person. These general education courses are required of all students. The Core is divided into the five areas of Essential Skills; Institutional Priorities; Humanities and Fine Arts; Mathematics, Science and Quantitative Technology; and Social Sciences, plus a sixth area specifically related to your major.

When deciding on a schedule, most students who do not work take a full schedule of five academic courses (15 hours). Each semester you and your advisor will decide on the combination of classes which is best for you.

Listed inside are the areas of the Core and specific suggestions/descriptions which may help you choose the ideal combination of classes for you.

Academic advising is a joint responsibility: yours and your advisor's. It is a continuous process that begins with your freshman orientation and culminates at your graduation.

Be aware that some departments may put a hold on your registration until you have seen an advisor. Be sure to make an appointment for advising well in advance of your day to register. With a few exceptions, you will register yourself on a computer using Banweb. When you may register is determined by the last two (2) digits of your social security number and is noted in the Scoop online each semester.

What You Can Expect From Your Advisor

1. General information about University policies, programs available at West Georgia, the Core Curriculum, degree requirements for your major, and career possibilities.

2. Assistance in planning and scheduling each semester's program of study.

3. Awareness of the services and persons available to offer assistance when you are experiencing academic difficulties.

4. Knowledge of University regulations regarding grades and grade point averages relating to required academic progress as well as other University requirements.

5. Confidentiality of your academic record and any personal concerns/questions which may be discussed.

What Your Advisor Expects From You

1. An appointment made early, well before your registration date. Promptness at all your scheduled advising appointments.

2. Preparation for your advising appointment. Always have with you a pen, curriculum guide, transfer evaluation, and have reviewed Wolf Watch. Have tentative schedules worked out.

3. Basic knowledge of the Core Curriculum and your academic record to date so that you can provide your advisor with the information needed to reach your goals.

4. Basic knowledge about the academic requirements and policies in the West Georgia Undergraduate Catalog.

5. Acceptance of responsibility for your choices and your decisions.

6. A willingness to ask questions and be an active participant in your educational career.

The Core Curriculum






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