Handbook at The University of West Georgia

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Solutions Guide

Problem Where to Go Telephone*
    Area Code 678
- Business Academic Advisor 839-5038
- Declared Majors Academic Advisor
- eCore eCore Advisor 839-6248
- Education Academic Advisement Center 839-6050
- Undecided Excel Center 839-6280
- Learning Support Learning Support 839-6435
- Advanced Academy and  
- Joint-Enrolled Students Coordinator of Advanced Academy 839-6249
- Honors Students Honors Program Honors Program 839-6249
- Majors (declaring & changing) Academic Department
Activities Center for Student Involvement 839-6526
Add or Drop Courses Enrollment Services Center 839-6421
Address Changes Enrollment Services Center 839-6421
- Intercollegiate Athletic Department 839-6533
- Intramurals Intramurla's Office 839-6617
Auditing Classes Enrollment Services Center 839-6421
Bills, Fee Charges Enrollment Services Center 839-6421
Books & Supplies University Bookstore 839-6523
Caps & Gowns University Bookstore 839-6523
Career Employment Career Services 839-4757
Catalogs Admissions 839-4000
Check Cashing Cashier Window 839-6390
Closings, Emergency University Police 839-6000
Commencement University Communications and Marketing 839-6464
Computer Tutoring EXCEL Center 839-6280
Continuing Education Continuing Education 839-6611
Co-op Career Services 839-6630
Copies, Printing Publications and Printing 839-6483
- Academic Advisor
- Career Student Development 839-6428
- Personal Student Development 839-6428
Credit by Examinations Testing Office 839-6435
Crime Reporting University Police 839-6000
Degree Application Enrollment Services Center 839-6421
Depression Student Development 839-6428
Dining Services  
- Food Service Cafeteria   839-6496
- Food Court   832-6494
Disability Services Counseling and Career Center 839-6428
Distance Ed/On-Line Courses Distance Ed Center 839-6248
Domestic Violence University Police 839-6000
Emergencies University Police 839-6000
Events & Activities Center for Student Involvement 839-6526
Fees & Payments Bursar's Office 839-4737
Final Exam Schedule Enrollment Services Center 839-6421
Financial Aid Awards Enrollment Services Center 839-6421
Financial Aid Refunds Enrollment Services Center 839-6421
Foreign Student Advising Counseling and Career Development Center 839-6428
Fraternities Center for Student Involvement 839-6526
GI Bill Benefits Enrollment Services Center 839-6421
Grades Professor and/or
  Enrollment Services Center 839-6421
Graduate School College of the Program
Graduation Enrollment Services Center 839-6421
Higher One ID Card Office, UCC 839-6525
Honors Program Honors Office 839-6636
I.D. Cards Auxiliary Services, UCC 839-6525
Information University Police 839-6000
Internships Career Services 839-6630
Laundry Auxiliary Services, UCC 839-6525
Library Campus Library 839-6492
Lost and Found University Police 839-6000
Mail Services Campus Mail Services 839-6522
Major Exploration Excel Center 839-6280
Meal Plans Auxiliary Services, UCC 839-6525
Medical Services Health Services 839-6452
Organizations Center for Student Involvement 839-6526
Parking Service Parking and Transportation 839-5000
Police Campus University Police 839-6000
Radio Station WUWG FM 839-6631
Reading & Study Skills Counseling and Career Development Center 839-6438
Readmission Admissions 839-4000
Registration Enrolllment Services Center 839-6421
Residence Halls Residence Life Office 839-6426
Residency Classification Enrollment Services Center 839-6421
Scheduling Campus Activity Center for Student Involvement 839-6526
Scholarships Enrollment Service Center 839-6421
Sexual Assault Health Services 839-6452
Sexual Harassment Title IX Officer, Asst Dean of Stuednts 839-6423
Social Security Benefits Registrar's Office 839-6438
Sororities Center for Student Involvement 839-6526
Stalking University Police 838-6000
Student Employment Career Services 839-6433
Student Government Student Government Office 839-6526
Student Handbook Student Affairs and Enrollment Management 839-6423
Summer School Enrollment Services Center 839-6421
Telephone Repair Information Technology Services 839-6585
Transcripts Enrollment Services Center 839-6421
Transfer Credit Evaluation Registrar's Office 839-6438
Transfer Students Admissions Office 839-4000
Transient Permission College Dean
Tutoring Excel Center 839-6280
Vending Auxiliary Services, UCC 839-6525
Veterans' Benefits Enrollment Services Center 839-6421
Visitor Parking Pass Parking and Transportation 839-5000
Voter Registration Campus Library 839-6492
Weather Closings University Police 839-6000
Withdrawal (from course or University) Enrollment Services Center 839-6421
Work/Study Program Financial Aid Office 839-6421