Handbook at The University of West Georgia

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Parking Services

All students, faculty and staff who operate a motor vehicle on campus must register their vehicle with Parking Services, regardless of the time or number of classes taken. The campus has been divided into zones which are assigned to residential and commuter students and faculty/staff members. When a vehicle is registered, a zone will be assigned and a hangtag issued. The hangtag must be hung from the mirror and visible anytime the vehicle is parked on campus. A copy of the Parking Code may be found on the Parking Services Web Site www.westga.edu/parking/ under Parking Services. All drivers are responsible for reading, understanding, and complying with the code.

A vehicle parked in violation of the Parking Code will be issued a citation and assessed a fine. An appeals process exists and is described in the Parking Code. The person to whom the vehicle is registered is responsible for all citations received on the vehicle, even if the registered person was not driving when the violations occurred.

All assessed fines must be paid prior to registration for the following semester. Any student with an outstanding balance will not be allowed to register until payment has been received.

If a primary registered vehicle is unavailable and another is driven to campus, the owner should use the hangtag for the day or until the primary vehicle is available again. If the owner does not have the hangtag with them, he/she must call Parking Services (678-839-6629) and provide vehicle information to staff or leave it on the voice recorder. If a citation is issued and this call has been made, the citation will be voided.

Campus Shuttle Bus

Parking Services and Transportation operates the campus shuttle system which provides a safe and reliable means of transportation around campus. The shuttle service operates Monday through Friday, transporting riders to various locations on campus. For shuttle information please go to our website.