Handbook at The University of West Georgia

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University Police

The University of West Georgia Police Department is certified by the State of Georgia as a full service police agency with authority to enforce all state laws, city ordinances, and the University's Conduct Code. It operates 24 hours a day including weekends and all holidays. The administrative offices, Uniform and Criminal Investigation Divisions are located in Row Hall off University Drive at Aycock Drive. The emergency number is 678-839-6000. All students are encouraged to program this number into their cell phones.

The police department operates a website (www.westga.edu/police) where information about department personnel, current crime and fire information (Clery Act), emergency plans and other information relevant to the safety of the campus community can be found.  On the website you can also find how to register for Wolf Alert and Wolf Guardian.  Wolf Alert is our emergency notification system. When severe weather or some other incident threatens the campus, you can be notified by voice, text, or e-mail (or all three) of the problem and what action to take. The other service is Wolf Guardian which turns your cell phone into a personal panic button.  Both programs are explained on the website by clicking the respective icon.

The University Police should be called to report criminal activity, fires, psychological and medical emergencies. The department investigates all crimes which occur on campus and prosecutes its cases in Carroll County courts. The University Police also refers cases to Student Affairs and Enrollment Management for disciplinary action.

The department offers educational programs dealing with crime and fire prevention, alcohol use and self-defense classes for women. These programs are offered free to the campus community. Please call 678-839-6000 and a communications officer will put you in contact with an instructor.

For Assistance:

University Police - 678-839-6000 (24 hours)

Administration - 678-839-6252 (Monday through Friday)

Criminal Investigations - 678-839-4974 (Monday through Friday)

Carroll County Emergency - 911 (8+911 from a campus phone)