Handbook at The University of West Georgia

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Wolves Card Office

Many of a student's financial transactions on campus are now cashless. Every student will receive two very important cards while at West Georgia. One is your official UWG ID card and the other is your HigherOne card. Treat these cards as you would do real cash in your pocket or any other debit card you may carry. Visit our office at UCC third floor or call 678-839-6525.

Your official UWG Wolves Card will be made after you register for classes.

This card does the following:

- Allows card access to your residence hall
- Allows access to athletic and student activities
- Serves as your library checkout card
- Serves as your dining card if you have a meal plan

You may add additional cash to this card, called Wolf Bucks, which allows you to use the following cashless services:

- Purchase food at the following campus locations; Quiznos, Food Court, Centre cafe, C-store, Starbucks, Java City Coffee, Z-6, C3 Express
- Purchase snacks and beverages from selected vending machines
- Pay for computer lab printing and photo copies in the library
- Pay for laundry in residence halls [all washers and dryers are cashless]
- University Bookstore

You can add money to your card at the Wolves Card Office using cash, check or credit card. You may add cash to your card at any of the five value transfer stations located on campus or you can add money to the card over the Web in a secure manner. https://services.jsatech.com/index.php?cid=75

Soon after you register, you will receive your HigherOne card in the mail. Do not throw this away! You must activate this card in order to receive the following financial disbursements from West Georgia:

- Any financial aid balance refunds
- Refunds from dropped classes
- Refunds from early withdrawals
- Scholarships
- Other refunds

Your Hope book check will still come as a paper check.

The HigherOne card is a true debit card in that any funds that reside on this card can be spent at any world-wide merchant that accepts Mastercard debit cards. The locations currently on campus where you can use the funds on this card are:

- University bookstore
- Pay fees at Office of the Controller
- All food locations
- The Wolves Card Office
- C3 Store

HigherOne ATM:

- LLof Z-6

If you order an active replacement HigherOne card via the web, or with HigherOne customer service, you will be assessed a $20 replacement fee by HigherOne. To order a replacement HigherOne card for an account that was never activated, you must contact The Wolves Card Office. The replacement fee is non-refundable.

For any questions about HigherOne, please call 1-866-894-1141 or go online to https://westgeorgiaone.higheroneaccount.com/.