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Counseling and Career Development Center


What We Do

The Counseling and Career Development Center provides career, academic, and mental-health counseling as well as educational and developmental programs for all University of West Georgia students. Additional support services for disabled, and non-traditional students are coordinated through the center.

Career Counseling

- Career interest and personality measures
- Individual counseling
- Career information

When it comes to careers or college majors, some students don-t have a clue, while others simply want to confirm that the choices they have already made are sound. Most students fall somewhere between the extremes. The Counseling and Career Development Center's career counseling program offers all students help in selecting a career or college major.

Academic Counseling

- Adjustment to college study
- Note-taking
- Reading textbooks
- Test anxiety
- Time management

For students trying to make the jump from high school to a university, hang on to a HOPE scholarship, or raise their GPA, the PASS Program (Promoting Academic Success for Students) will make a difference. PASS offers individual or group help for reading text books, notetaking, time management, taking tests, etc. The program also helps students to meet the expectations of professors.

Personal Counseling

- Adjustment to college
- Relationships
- General personal concerns
- Substance abuse, including alcohol
- Psychotherapy for general or specific concerns:
    Anxiety or excessive worry
    Rape, incest, abuse, and other personal violations
    Eating disorders

The Counseling and Career Development Center provides individual and group counseling for all personal concerns. The service is successful and popular - over the years, the Center has helped thousands of students with personal counseling.

Caring, competent, and professional counselors are prepared to listen to any issues. Counselors are experienced in working with college students of all ages and backgrounds, and are appropriately trained and licensed.

Developmental Services

- Classroom presentations
- Programs for residence halls, greeks, and other student groups
- Workshops for human relations skills
- Cooperative programs with faculty and staff

To reach the widest possible audience, prevent student issues from becoming problems, and encourage student success, the Counseling and Career Development Center provides a wide offering of educational programs. Each year more than 3,000 students participate in groups, presentations, and developmental programs offered by the center. Counselors go into classrooms, residence halls, and other facilities for presentations, workshops, and staff training sessions. These programs are free and can focus on any problem or human relations skill that is related to counseling or student development.

Disability Services For Students

The Counseling and Career Development Center coordinates special services for students with a temporary or permanent physical or psychological disability or learning disorder (learning disorders include attention deficit disorder, acquired brain injury, and learning disability). To receive the services, a student must provide recent documentation test evaluations that say clearly that a physical, psychological or learning disorder is present.

For all types of disability, certain accommodations are provided in order to diminish as far as is possible the effect the disability may have on learning, performance in class, and testing. These accommodations are determined and developed on a case by case basis by the Coordinators of Disability Services for Students, based on the student-s documentation and on a personal interview with the student, as well as with the student's parents when appropriate.

Accommodations may include but are not limited to the following:

- Early Bird registration for all students with a disability
- A written, individualized Student Accommodations Report for professors, if desired
- Modification of test format
- Substitution of English language courses for a foreign language requirement
- Tutoring
- Special test administrations
- Extended test times
- Preferred seating in classrooms

Help in locating and acquiring necessary classroom assistance for students with a disability is provided by the Coordinators of Disability Services and includes such aids as notetakers, captioning, books on tape, readers, special furniture, student aides, assistive technology, and other such assistance as is needed.

How to See Us

- 123 Row Hall
- 678-839-6428
- 8:00 a.m. - 7:00 p.m. Monday - Tuesday
- 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. Wenesday - Friday 

The Counseling and Career Development Center is located in Row Hall, across from Parking Services. Students may call or come by from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. to schedule an appointment or to inquire about programs or services. Although some services may be available on the day they are requested, counseling sessions are held by appointment only, usually within a few days of the request.


- Stuents who know what they want to major in are more academically successful.

- All services at Counsling and Career Development are free to enrollled students and are confidential.