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How am I Going to Pay for All This?

How am I going to pay for all this?

You made it into the University of West Georgia. Congratulations! Now the reality sets in. There's tuition, books, room and board, oh and you're supposed to eat right?

The Enrollment Services Center (ESC) is your first stop for financial aid and registration customer services. The ESC is herer to help you understand and qualify for any state and/or federal funding that is available to you. You may utilize the services of the ESC via the internet, by phone, or in person. Your newly created BanWeb account contains your MyUWG email account, and is your portal to important information from us about your financial aid, documents required to complete processing, and other important communication from Financial Aid as well as other departments on campus.

The Enrollment Services Center helps you:

- Find the best sources to pay for your expenses

- Apply for the aid that best suits your needs

- Sort through all the requirements so you receive your money ASAP

- Teach you what you need to know about the aid you get

In order to qualify for any financial aid, you must first submit a Free Application for Student Aid (FAFSA) form online at www.fafsa.ed.gov. If you require assistance in filling out the FAFSA online, you may contact the ESC, and someone will be happy to answer your questions, or schedule a convenient time for you to come in for assistance.

Following submission of your FAFSA form, you'll be contacted via your new MyUWG account with further instructions, your award letter and other periodic information.  For information on academic requirements for financial aid & HOPE requirements, please see Appendix G.

Which Office do I Need? Enrollment Services Center or the Bursar's Office?

Enrollment Services Center (678-839-6421, www.westga.edu/esc/) is part of the Division of Student Affairs & Enrollment Management and is customer service for Financial Aid, the deparment responsible for determining student eligibility for all federal and state aid. Federal aid includes the Pell Grant, Federal SEOG, Direct Stafford, and Perkins loans, and the Federal Work Study program. State aid includes the HOPE scholarship. ESC is also responsible for the UWG General Scholarships.

The Bursar's Office (678-839-4737, http://www.westga.edu/bursar) is part of the Division of Business and Finance and assists students with the assessment and collection of all student tuition and fees, disbursement of all student balance refunds and the fiscal management of all student financial aid programs including federal, state and private funding. This office also handles the short term loans and Perkins promissory notes.

10 Steps to Receive the Most Financial Aid Possible

_______1. CREATE A FINANCIAL AID FILE, notebook or envelope where you keep a copy of all your financial aid information. For each step listed below, make a copy of what you submit to our office or the federal government and keep it in this file.

_______2. COMPLETE THE FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) ONLINE. www.fafsa.ed.gov. This is a federal government application so have your parent's most recent tax return in hand when you are ready to complete this form. When you complete the FAFSA, you will be given a pin number. You will use this number every time you apply for financial aid. Keep this pin number in your records. MY PIN NUMBER IS: _______________

If you are eligible to receive the HOPE Scholarship, you must complete the GSFAPPS at www.gacollege.411.org

_______3. BE ADMITTED TO THE UNIVERSITY OF WEST GEORGIA. Contact our Admissions office if you have questions regarding the status of your Admissions application.

_______4. SUBMIT ANY VERIFICATION DOCUMENTS REQUESTED FROM OUR OFFICE. Some students do not need to take this step. If you have to complete this step, we will send you a letter telling you which documents to complete. You may have to submit copies of your tax returns, birth certificate or marriage certificate. The sooner you get this information to us, the quicker you will get to Step 5!

_______5. WE WILL MAIL YOU AN AWARD LETTER. Your freshman year will be the only year you receive a paper award letter in the mail from us. The award letter will tell you what types of financial aid you may receive. Some forms of aid require you to take additional steps. These will be outlined in the award letter. If you receive an award that includes a student loan and you do not wish to take it, you may cancel this through Banweb.


_______6. FORD DIRECT SUBSIDIZED OR UNSUBSIDIZED LOAN. You will be sent an email with instructions on completing the entrance counseling session online.

_______7. FORD DIRECT SUBSIDIZED OR UNSUBSIDIZED LOAN. You will need to complete an Electronic Master Promissory note. You will be sent an email when this it is time for you to complete this step. You will need your Federal Pin number from Step 2.

_______8. FEDERAL WORK STUDY. During the first week of classes, go to Career Services and seek assistance. The Federal Work Study jobs are actually posted outside the Career Services office.

_______9. PERKINS LOAN. If you have been awarded the loan, complete the form that will be mailed to you.

______10. If you see that you still need assistance in paying for your education, your Parents can take out a Parent loan. This application is available on our website at http://www.westga.edu/financialAid/index_2774.php.

If you find you need assistance with these steps or have other questions, contact the Department of Financial Aid. Our office will contact you via the U.S. Postal Service until you have attended Orientation. After you attend one of the Orientation sessions, we will then contact you only through your new UWG email account.

Remember, you must re-apply for financial aid each year.

Office of Financial Aid

University of West Georgia, Aycock Hall

Carrollton, GA 30118