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Career Services

Need a part-time job while in college? Do you need assistance determining your skills and strengths? Want to gain practical experience in your major field of study? What about giving back to the community through volunteer work? Are you ready to look for career employment? If you answered yes to any of these questions, come to the Department of Career Services located on the top floor of Parker Hall. We can assist with resume development, interviewing skills, researching career fields, developing contacts for jobs, and other issues relating to the job search process.

Career Services has four primary functions: student employment, professional practice, special programs, and career employment.

Student Employment assists students and employers in meeting temporary, seasonal, and part-time employment needs. A variety of employers use these services to obtain part-time employees - from large corporations to individuals needing help babysitting and yard work. 

Professional Practice Programs allow students to gain practical experience in their fields while providing employers a highly motivated and educated employee.

Career Employment is responsible for working with seniors and recent alumni who are involved in job/career searches.

Throughout the year, each area within Career Services conducts special on-campus and off-campus events for students and employers: Job Expo, Volunteer Fair, Education Center Fair, and GACE College-to-Career Fair. Students are encouraged to take advantage of these special programs!

For more information about Career Services contact 678.839.6431 or visit their website at http://careerweb.westga.edu.