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UWG Computer Access

What You Need to Know

The University of West Georgia requires students to have ready access to a computer. All students will need to have access to e-mail, word processing, spreadsheet, and web browsing software.

What exactly does this mean to you?

Let's begin with the most direct answer -UWG is requiring that all students, regardless of major or class standing, have READY access to computers for their coursework. Simply put this means that you need to be able to put your hands on and use a computer when one is needed for your coursework. You are expected to USE computers in your coursework at the University. For many students, especially nontraditional, graduate, and commuter students, having a computer of their own will make this much easier. Students may use university computer labs to complete their coursework but should be aware of the limited hours of operation and accessibility.

Your Computer Needs the Following Software:

- Word Processor*
- Spreadsheet
- E-mail
- Web Browser

*Free Microsoft Office copies are distributed to students.

Your Computer Needs:

- DVD-CD-ROM/CD-RW drive
- Soundcard and Speakers

and either
- An ISP if you live off campus
- A Network card and ethernet cable (10/100 ethernet card) if you live in a campus residence hall

Other Suggested Options:

- DVD-RW drive
- Printer
- USB Memory Key

Questions about Computing on Campus?

Visit ITS web site


NOTE: A modem is only necessary if you are not residing on campus in one of the residence halls. Students residing in the residence halls need a 10/100 Ethernet card and Ethernet cable to be able to connect to ResNet.

For more information about ResNet:  http://www.westga.edu/resnet

What kind of software do I need?

UWG computer labs are equipped with Microsoft's Office Suite. You may use another suite of software programs as long as you are able to complete any course requirements. Check the uwglabs.westga.edu website for the latest software version and other computer lab information. You'll also need a web browser. The labs have both Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer. Note: Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox are available as free downloads.

What type of Computer do I need?

Remember, you are NOT REQUIRED to purchase or lease a computer. However, if you decide you do want your own computer, the computer recommendations web site, http://www.westga.edu/~computer, gives you the minimum recommended configuration for purchasing a new computer. It also has the minimum recommended configurations for a computer if you already own one. If you own a computer that does not meet the minimum recommended requirements, you should consider either upgrading your current machine or purchasing a new one. If you are residing on campus in one of the residence halls, your computer must meet the minimum requirements to use ResNet.

Optional System Requirements:

A removable storage device such as a USB Memory Key for your computer is highly recommended. It is highly recommended that each student have ready access to a printer as well as a computer. A laser or inkjet printer will work fine. A color printer, while nice, is not necessary.

What do we mean by "use" a computer?

The university expects you to be able to do more than play games and surf the web using a computer. You will be required to conduct research via the web, word process papers, analyze data, and correspond with other students, faculty and staff using e-mail. Many course assignments and materials are only available via the Internet.

Why now?

With technology becoming more common in our daily lives, we believe that as part of your educational experience at UWG you need exposure to and the acquisition of basic computer skills. A UWG student should be able to:

1. Define essential computing terms
2. Create a hierarchy of folders on a hard drive or removable media
3. Save, copy, and move files into a designated folder
4. Write, send, and reply to e-mail messages
5. Create a formatted text document
6. Create a simple web page
7. Perform basic data analysis with a spreadsheet application
8. Create an electronic presentation
9. Access online resources, including library catalogs

Do I have to go out and buy a new computer?

UWG recognizes that many of you already own computers or have access to one. Therefore, we are not requiring you to purchase or lease a new computer. However, you will be required to use a computer for many of your courses. Because of this, you will need to have ready access to a computer.

Computer Use Policy

Students are responsible for following the campus Information Security Plan and Acceptable Use and Ethics Policy (http://www.westga.edu/policy/index_3706.php). These policies detail the proper utilization of the computers, networks and related services at the University of West Georgia. These policies have been developed to ensure a quality computing environment at West Georgia that furthers the academic, research and service mission of the University. Providing this environment requires equitable resource distribution, computer and network availability, personal privacy and data integrity. Achieving this goal requires that everyone in the University community cooperate and adhere to these guidelines.

Student Email Policy


University of West Georgia students are provided a MyUWG e-mail account. The University considers this account to be an official means of communication between the University and the student. The purpose of the official use of the student e-mail account is to provide an effective means of communicating important University related information to UWG students in a timely manner. It is the student's responsibility to check his or her email.

Web Page Policy

Student, faculty, and staff World Wide Web activities and products must be consistent with the University of West Georgia's ethics policies including those on Sexual Harassment, Intellectual Property, and Conduct Policies (www.westga.edu/handbook), as well as federal and state computer crimes statutes. Since it is impossible to anticipate every possible violation, it is incumbent upon the user to weigh his/her actions against the purpose provided in this policy statement.

Computer Labs

UWG provides access to a large number of general and specialized labs for student use. For more information on these labs, please visit http://uwglabs.westga.edu