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Appendix G: Financial Aid Academic Requirements

Academic Requirements For Receiving Financial Aid

Students receiving Federal or State Financial Aid Funds must meet the following academic criteria:


You must complete required learning support courses in 30 hours. Aid will be reinstated once learning support requirements are completed.


You must maintain the required institutional GPA at the attempted hours listed:

0-30 attempted hours: 1.8 GPA

31-60 attempted hours: 1.9 GPA

61 attempted hours & above: 2.0 GPA

GPA Warning: You will be placed on Financial Aid GPA Warning for one term if you are unable to meet the above GPA requirements. Your GPA must be at or above the minimum requirement at the end of the warning term.

GPA Suspension: At the end of the warning term your financial aid will be suspended if you are not able to meet the minimum GPA requirement.

Reinstatement of Aid: Your financial aid can be reinstated once your institutional GPA requirement is met.


You must successfully complete 67 percent of the courses you attempt each term with grades of A, B, C, D, S or S percent . 67 percent is calculated by dividing earned hours by attempted hours. Unsatisfactory grades are F, W, I, IP, U and WF. (Failure, Withdrawal, Incomplete, In progress, Unsatisfactory and Withdrawn Failing)

67% Warning: If you are unable to meet the 67 percent completion requirement you will be placed on Financial Aid 67 percent Warning for one term. You must successfully complete all the courses you attempt during your warning term to regain your financial aid.

67% Suspension: If you are unable to meet the completion requirement during the warning term your financial aid will be suspended.

Reinstatement of Aid: Financial aid can be reinstated once you successfully complete 9 hours of coursework at UWG without any unsatisfactory grades.


You must declare a major before you earn 60 hours. To declare a major you go to the department of the major you would like to declare and fill out the major declaration paperwork.

Undeclared Major Warning: Once you have 45 earned hours you will be notified that you are nearing your maximum amount of earned hours as an undeclared major. You will have up until 60 earned hours to declare a major.

Undeclared Major Suspension: Once you have 60 earned hours as an undeclared major you will no longer be eligible for financial aid.

Reinstatement of Aid: Your financial aid can be reinstated once you declare a major.


You must complete your degree within a specified number of hours. Those enrolled in a 120 hour Bachelor’s degree program are allowed up to 180 attempted hours. These attempted hours include all UWG institution hours as well as transfer hours. If you have a previous degree you are allowed and additional 60 attempted hours toward your next undergraduate degree.

Maximum Hours Warning: At the end of the semester you cross 170 attempted hours you will be placed on maximum hours warning.

Maximum Hours Suspension: Once you have attempted 180 hours your financial aid will be suspended. Reinstatement of Aid: You must file a Financial Aid Appeal to reinstate your aid. There is no guarantee the Financial Aid Appeal will be approved. Approval will be based upon your explanation of your current situation. Appeals are reviewed by the Financial Aid Appeal Committee.


If there were extenuating circumstances, such as a death in the immediate family, a personal illness or injury, or other circumstances beyond your control that affected your ability to meet the academic progress requirements, you can submit a written appeal. You will need to print the appeal form from the Financial Aid website or pick one up in the Enrollment Services Center and provide supporting documentation such as a doctor's excuse, medical bills, etc. The deadline to submit a complete appeal for any term is 12:00pm on the second day of drop-add. If your appeal or supporting documentation is submitted after the deadline you will be responsible for paying your own fees before the fee payment deadline.

You have 3 appeal attempts beginning with your first appeal and ending with graduation or leaving UWG.

Please Note:

You must meet all of the requirements listed above to remain eligible for any form of federal and state aid, including HOPE and loans. Eligibility for short-term loans and scholarships is not affected by these requirements.