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College of Science and Mathematics


The University of West Georgia’s College of Science and Mathematics is home to six departments that offer programs in the traditional science and mathematics disciplines. Engineering programs are also available to students through the Regents Engineering Transfer Program and the Dual Degree Program. In addition, our college supports the science and mathematics general education component through extensive offerings in the Core Curriculum.

The faculty of our college is dedicated to providing a premier education. This is done by offering a challenging curriculum that exposes students to innovative teaching and faculty- directed research experiences. Students have ample opportunity to be part of a vibrant science and mathematics community through involvement in departmental student organizations and mentoring relationships with faculty.

All our students, staff and faculty are proud to be a part of the College of Science and Mathematics where we learn from the past and prepare for the future.

Contact Information

Dean: Dr. Bruce Landman
Phone: (678) 839-5190
Fax: (678) 839-5191
Web: http://www.westga.edu/cosm


Computer Science

Undergraduate Science & Mathematics Degrees

Biology – BS offered with concentrations in GeneralBiology, Secondary Education (2.7 GPA required), Allied Health, and Pre-Professional. Allied Health students are advised in EXCEL Center.

Chemistry – BS offered with concentrations in General Chemistry (ACS Certified), Biochemistry (ACS Certified), and Chemical Engineering. BA offered with concentrations in General Chemistry, Secondary Education (2.7 GPA required), Pre-Pharmacy, and Pre-Professional.

Computer Science – BS in Computer Science.

Engineering Studies – Joint program with Engineering Schools. BS Degrees offered in the departments of Chemistry, Geology, and Physics.

Environmental Science – BS in Environmental Science. For information, see Dr. Farooq Khan (Chemistry) or Dr. James Mayer (Geology).

Geography – BS offered with concentrations in Environmental Geography and Geographic Technology. BA with concentration in Human Geography.

Geology – BS with concentrations in General Geology, Environmental Geology, Pre-Professional, Pre-Graduate School, Earth Science (Secondary Education – 2.7 GPA required), and Geologic Engineering.

Global Studies – BA offered with concentrations in Humanities/Social Sciences, Area Studies, Science, and Special Topics. For information, see Dr. Andy Walter(Geosciences).

Mathematics – BS offered with concentrations in Traditional, Secondary Education (2.7 GPA required), Applied Computational Mathematics, Applied Discrete Mathematics, Statistics/Actuarial Mathematics. BA offered in General Mathematics.

Physics – BS with concentrations in General Physics,Engineering Studies, and Secondary Education (2.7 GPA required).


Minors are offered in: Biology, Chemistry, Computer Science, Geography, Geology, Mathematics, and Physics.