Handbook at The University of West Georgia

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The TOP 10 Items to discuss with your student...

1.What is the main reason you are in college?

The main reason for going to college is to earn an academic degree. In order to successfully achieve that goal, it is important to choose classes carefully and to heed the advice of advisors, attend class, pay attention in class, stay up-to-date on assignments, read and study for each class each day, do your best and ask for help when you need it.

2.Do you know what free resources you get just for being a UWG student?

Make a point to find out what kind of help is available in regard to academic support and how to get it when you need it. Take advantage of all the services the university has to offer. If you don't remember all that is available to you, ASK someone whether it's your professor, RA, Excel Center or orientation leader.

3.What is responsible drinking?

  • being 21
  • not driving if you have been drinking
  • no more than one drink
  • don't leave your drink unattended
  • recognize that regular alcohol consumption has negative impact on your grades

4.Do you know the signs of alcohol poisoning?

  • vomiting
  • mental confusion
  • slow or irregular breathing pattern
  • inability to stand without assistance
  • unconsciousness; inability to be aroused with stimulation
5.How are we going to cover the initial expenses due in August?
  • books
  • tuition
  • fees
  • room and board
  • miscellaneous supplies

6.How are we going to cover expenses after you are enrolled?

  • laundry
  • eating out
  • entertainment
  • credit cards
  • cell phone
  • gas for car / car insurance

7.Do you know about personal safety?

  • lock your room; always
  • lock your car door after you get in
  • never walk alone after dark and use caution walking alone during the day
  • always tell a friend where you are going

8.Do you know about the University's alcohol policy?

  • zero tolerance at UWG
  • jail time in city facilities
  • expensive fines and court dates
  • possible suspension from university

9.What are the traveling expectations?

  • coming home
  • out of town trips with friends

10.What are the minimal grade expectations for you to stay in college?

While the university has it's own policy on minimal grades to stay in school (found in the undergraduate catalog under Academic Probation), you may have different expectations of your student. Set these expectations up early. Most professors will tell students, if asked, what their course grade is at mid-term of each semester and ALL students have access to final grades on Banweb after the semester has ended.

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