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Health Services

Health Services is centrally located on campus in the round building across from the University Community Center (UCC).  Student parking is available in a designated area immediately adjacent to the entrance of the Health Center. Our Center is open weekdays from the day the residence halls open through the last day of exams each semester, except during official holidays.

Our staff includes a full-time medical director (physician), three nurse practitioners, one full-time registered pharmacist, two pharmacy technicians, a director of nursing, one registered nurse, four licensed practical nurses, an office manager, an immunization clerk, two secretaries, two health educators, and two patient advocates. 

Our center contains offices and consultation rooms for outpatient treatment, a medical laboratory, pharmacy, treatment rooms for care of minor emergencies, and beds for patients who must be observed.

Our facilities and services are available to students who have paid a health fee for the current term. Student dependents are not eligible for care unless they are students.

Students taking less than 6 hours can elect to pay a Health Fee per each semester in order to be seen at Health Services.
For more information, select Eligibility from the menu to your left.


• We are now open for services at 7:30am daily Monday through Friday.
• Starting Monday, October 13, 2014. Due to the large volume of students seeking services late in the day walk- in appointments must sign in by 5:00pm Monday through Friday, and by 4:00 pm on Fridays. This enables medical staff to provide thorough assessment and care. Students seeking treatment for medical emergencies such as bleeding, chest pain, or difficulty breathing will be seen.
• For students who cannot get to Health Services by the times denoted, there will be three appointment times available for acute care during the last hour of each day. Call 678-839-6452 to schedule.
• Gynecological appointments are available from 9:00am until 3:00pm daily. Please call 678-839-6452 to schedule.

Would you like to shorten your wait time at Health Services?

• Do your symptoms/needs meet these criteria?
• Fast Track Treatment Service offered through the UWG Nurses!
• During the first 4 days of a respiratory tract infection with onset of sore throat, congestion, cough, runny nose, and head/body aches (without fever), the UWG nurses can help you! Most of these symptoms are viral in nature and they can be treated with good meds nurses can dispense more quickly from our over-the-counter pharmacy. This will shorten your visit time at Health Services while still treating your symptoms. You can also use our fast track system to refill common medications for headaches, cramps, or chronic GI concerns.
• If symptoms last longer than 5 days or if you are running a fever of 100 degrees or more, you need to wait to be seen by a healthcare provider. After a period of viral illness, an opportunistic bacterial infection can set in, and then antibiotics are appropriate. For more information, see CDC recommendations at
• Currently, there have been very few confirmed cases of confirmed flu in Carroll County, so now is the ideal time to get your FREE flu shot (8AM-4PM weekdays at HS)
• Help us keep the pack healthy!


Students need to make arrangements for their medications prior to the following closing dates listed below:

Thanksgiving Holiday November 24th-28th 2014.

December Holiday- December 17th 2014-January 1st 2015.


To support recent graduates of the University of West Georgia, Health Services will now provide medical care for two semesters following graduation to those who elect to pay the current Health fee.  The time between school and employment is often a challenging time for graduates since they sometimes do not have access to adequate health care during that transitional time.  To learn more about the services provided by Health Service, please see: or call Health Services at 678-839-6452.


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