Health Services Home at The University of West Georgia

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Family Planning Clinic 
Appointments are necessary for family planning clinics. The appointments are available on a first-come, first-served basis.  
Family planning includes contraceptive education and counseling, physical examination, pap smear, urinalysis, sexually transmitted disease screening, prescriptions for oral contraceptives, diaphragm, and/or appropriate medication. There is a nominal charge for lab work and oral contraceptives. 

Allergy Clinic  
Allergy injections are administered during the physician's hours Monday through Friday, provided the student furnishes the allergic extracts which are refrigerated and stored in the Student Health Center. 

Other Services
Various educative and preventive programs are offered from time to time by one of the nurse practitioners. A large variety of health education materials are available free of charge. 


A registered pharmacist fills most prescriptions issued to students by Health Services personnel. The health fee covers many frequently prescribed medications. A few special medications are also stocked at a modest price. If the medication needed for treatment is not available in the Health Center pharmacy, it must be purchased from a local druggist by the student. Over the counter drugs are available from the nursing staff or pharmacy. 

Psychological Services  
University life can be stressful. Patient Advocates, Jill Hendricks and Cory Hindman, connect UWG students with services, including medical, academic, legal, and psychological, both on and off campus. Students who wish to explore options for the treatment of conditions such as stress, anxiety, depression, eating disorders, and/or alcohol/ other drug concerns may contact a Patient Advocate for assistance with assessment and referral.  Counseling is available at no cost to the student at Student Development in Parker Hall. 


All new students (freshman, transfers, and others) attending regularly scheduled classes or receiving resident credit will be required to submit a Certificate of Immunization prior to attending classes. The certificate will be kept on file and will be valid throughout the tenure of the student. 

Special Parking Permits  
Permanently disabled students should obtain a statement from a health care provider indicating disability and take the statement to the Public Safety Office to obtain a parking decal.  Students with temporary disability must visit the Health Center for special parking authorization as determined by a Health Services health care provider. Students must have a registered motor vehicle and must pay the student parking fee in order to receive a special parking permit.