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Price List

Free Services

Glucose Screening
TB Skin Test
Urine Analysis
Breathing Treatment - Nebulizer
Blood Pressure Check
Allergy Shots Administration (for students)
Sutures (and removal)
IV Fluids
Over the Counter Medications
Strep Test
Mono Test
Wart Treatment
Flu Shots (for students)

Services with Associated Fee

 (prices are subject to change)

Executive Profile $40.00

Pregnancy Test $5.00

Morning After Pill $30.00

Full Pap Smear $65.00

Gonorrhea/Chlamydia Testing $30.00

Herpes Testing  $20.00

HIV Testing (10.00)

Syphilis (10.00)

Colposcopy $140.00

Flu Testing $15.00

Varicella Titer $15.00

Hepatitis B Titer $15.00

Measles Titer $15.00

Mumps Titer $15.00

Rubella Titer $15.00

MMR Titer $40.00


Flu Shot (staff/faculty) $20.00

Allergy Shots Administration (staff/faculty) $5.00

 Depo Provera $40.00

Tetanus (Tenivac/TD) 25.00

Tetanus (Adacel/T-Dap) $35.00

Hepatitis-A $25.00

Hepatitis-B 3 dose series  $35.00 per dose

Hepatitis-A/B $55.00 per dose

Meveo (Meningitis)-$90.00

MMR $55.00

Varicella 2 dose series (chicken pox)-$95.00 per dose

Gardasil $130.00

QuantiFERON-TB Gold $85.00  

*May call to receive pricing for services not listed