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UWG Health Ed Posters

Posters are available for the following topics. To preview the posters in Adobe pdf format, click the links below.

Alcohol 2004
Alcohol Poster 1
Alcohol Poster 2
Alcohol Poster 3
Alcohol Poster 4
Alcohol Poster 5
Alcohol Poster 6
Alcohol Poster 7
Alcohol Poster 8
Alcohol Poster 9

Eating Disorders 2004
Eating Disorders: Beauty Comes
Eating Disorders: Different
Eating Disorders: Feeling Disconnected
Eating Disorders: Fitness
Eating Disorders: I'm Beautiful
Eating Disorders: Nutrition
Eating Disorders: Please Join Us
Eating Disorders: Tied Down

Stop Sexual Violence 2003
We Waited
Which Head
Yes Is Mutual

Stop Sexual Violence 2004
Planned Scores Endzone
UWG Fraternities
UWG Officials
UWG Staff & Faculty
UWG Men Unite 1
UWG Men Unite 2
UWG Men Unite 3
Alcohol Date Drug
Alcohol Precludes
Are You Ready?
Be Able To Hear No
Controlling Others
Desires Unclear
Don't Be Blind
Make Desires Known
Minimize Risks
My Body
Planned Scores
See Eye to Eye
Stop Pretending
Take Control
The Decision
You Have A Choice

Stop Sexual Violence 2005
African American Women
Ask Better Safe
Assaults Straight Or Not
Be Comfortable
Choose Wisely
FB Black
FB White
He Said She Said
Headed Same Direction
Just Because
Nice Guy
Take A Stand
Trust Your Instincts
Why Remain Silent
You Are Not Alone
Your Power