Health Services Home at The University of West Georgia

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Emergency Contact Guide

Public Safety Emergency: 678-839-6000 
Counseling and Career Development: 678-839-6428
Health Services:  678-839-6452
Patient Advocate 678-839-0641 or 678-839-5338
Carroll Co. Rape Crisis: 770-834-7273
Suicide Hotline: 1-800-784-2433 (1-800-SUICIDE)
Tanner Behavioral Health 24 Hour Help Line:  770-836-9551

Assessment for:
• Depression, anxiety, panic attacks, suicidal ideations
• Sleep disorders
• Eating disorders
• Substance abuse
• Pregnancy
• Sexually transmitted diseases, including HIV/AIDS
• 24/7 Sexual Assault services (After hours, call 678-839-6000. They will page us)

Intervention/Advocacy for:
• Pregnancy, prenatal care, adoption and abortion referral sources
• Sexual Assault, Intimate/domestic partner violence
• Obtaining prescription meds via “Needy Med” program
•  Medical problems that interfere with academic progress

• Crisis intervention
• Medical and gynecological evaluation/treatment
• Contraceptives
• Asthma/allergy treatments including injections
• Outpatient observation which may include IV fluids
• EKG, Pulmonary function, Pulse oximetry services
• Burn  and wound care
• Lab services including biopsies
• Immunizations
• Health Education

Assessment and Intervention for:
• Adjustment to college
• Relationship difficulties
• Depression, stress, and anxiety
• Substance abuse, addiction
• Rape, incest, abuse or other personal violations
• Eating disorders
• Anger problems
• Sleep problems
• General personal concerns
• Crisis or trauma intervention

• Personal Counseling
• Career and educational counseling
• Computer assisted career exploration
• Study skills: reading, note-taking, test anxiety,  time-management
• Support services for International students
• Disabilities Support Services

A State Certified Police Department that is:
• Available 24/7/365
• Dedicated to the protection of the University and its students
• 21 trained police officers
• An Investigative staff who investigate all campus criminal incidents

Call University Police at 678-839-6000 if you:      
• Are a victim of a sexual assault
• Are threatened, harassed, or stalked
• Are a victim of a property crime
• Need medical assistance
• Are depressed and need to contact a counselor
• Witness a crime
• Know someone in need of help but don’t know where to turn