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Program Opportunities

The following programs are provided free of charge, locally upon request. The Health Educators and/or the student Peer Health Educators will present for other campuses, local middle and high schools. The programs are also available for community and civic organizations.

Alcohol and other addictive drugs:

         Responsible Sexuality:
  • Reality Show featuring Sexual Health: This Peer led presentation uses clicker response technology and interactive activities to look at the reality of sexually transmitted diseases and infections along with ways to practice responsible, safe sex. Participants learn about the services and resources provided by Health Services.
  • Condom Bingo: Peer Educators will lead this bingo-styled question and answer discussion game regarding various sexual health topics such as contraception, STDs/STIs, sexual assault, and the importance of healthy relationships.
  • General Health & Wellness:

  • Wolf Wellness- A Balancing Act!: This interactive presentation involves a brief personal lifestyle reflection and look at future goals with attention to the Wolf Wellness six dimension model and how to achieve better balance in each area for future success.
  • Nutrition Basics 101: This practical presentation shares helpful information for eating healthier and avoiding the typical trappings of college life fast food & junk food.
  • Disordered Eating: A look at the reality of eating disorders and how self-esteem and body image influenced by social trappings can affect college students. UWG resources and avenues of support will be shared.
  • Snoozing for Success: The illusive chase for sleep in college that can lead to self-destruction physically and academically. This interactive power point presentation looks at student sleep habits, the importance of sleep, and how it is important for the success of college students.


Campus Collaboration: