Honors Graduation


In order to graduate with Honors College distinction from the University of West Georgia, students must:

complete at least 10 Honors courses, including two at the 3000/4000 level

participate in community service and reflect on the impact of their contributions of service

participate in undergraduate research 

have at least a 3.2 Overall GPA

submit an Honors Thesis

All Honors College graduates receive recognition of their academic achievements and successes through the following:

Honors College distinction on all Official Transcripts

Honors College seal on Diploma

Honors College Red and Blue Graduation Cords

Official recognition during Commencement Ceremony and Program

Honors Thesis Requirements

All students must submit an Honors Thesis to the Honors College office prior to the week of finals in the semester of their graduation. While there are no exact formatting, styles, or length requirements, all qualifying submissions should be:

Directly related to student's major

Completed during student's senior year

Properly researched and cited using the preferred citation method for the student's academic discipline

A reflection of the "best" work the student has completed during his or her studies

Approximately 10-15 pages in length depending on the subject matter

*Note: Assignments completed for course credit may be used as student's Honors Thesis. Also, significant work achieved through group projects or undergraduate research projects may also be considered.