Community Engagement

Community Engagement

UWG is committed to providing students with “experiences beyond the classroom that encourage all campus citizens to discover paths to meaningful engagement with various perspectives, lifestyles, and cultures and to understand pressing local and global challenges.” Students participating in the Honors College at University of West Georgia will engage in a variety of experiences that will promote a rewarding and meaningful undergraduate education. Students are provided with opportunities and experiences outside of the classroom that will help students learn, understand and engage with others, and develop the skills and attitudes to become community builders and contribute to the community, environment and to the world. As a result, beginning Fall Semester 2014, Honors College students will participate in community engagement as a requirement to graduate with Honors College Distinction. Students participating in the community engagement activities will also be required to reflect on the impact of their contributions of service and how giving to others is changing themselves.

Definition of Community Service:

Community Service is defined as unpaid service, voluntary work performed for civic, charitable, and humanitarian reasons. Students volunteering in community service are uncompensated and provide services without the expectations of compensation of any form.

All community service volunteers are expected to abide by University policies and procedures as outlined in the student handbook.

Benefits of Community Service:

• Students gain understanding of the issues that most affect their community
• Students are included in the process of positive change in the community
• Students engage in real-world issues and social problems
• Students develop relationships with community members and their organizations
• Students gain insight and knowledge in areas with which they may have been unfamiliar
• Students may find self-purpose and joy in community service
• Many of the skills and knowledge obtained while completing community service can be applied in the student’s future career
• Students will be able to network with a variety of people in a multitude of backgrounds
• Students learn the importance of teamwork and working towards a common goal
• Ultimately students are more well-rounded and better prepared for their futures

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