Tyus Hall


Front of Tyus Hall with a bike stand

Tyus Hall is a coeducational residence hall for upper-class, international and students with disabilities. The building is composed of five floors of suites which vary in style and size. Most suites are two bedrooms sharing a bathroom, however there are also five bedroom/two bath suites and one bedroom/one bath suites. Depending on the available space, private rooms are available in Tyus Hall. Another unique feature of Tyus is the motel-like style that allows all suites to exit onto an exterior walkway.

Room Features:
  •   Moveable Furniture including (per person)*:
    • 1 Bunkable Bed (80" XL Mattress)
    • 1 Desk with Chair
    • 1 Armoire
    • 1 Chest of (3) drawers
  • Adjustable Mini-blinds
  • Extended Basic Cable (80 channels)
  • Local Telephone
  • One Ethernet port per student
  • Central heat and Air Conditioning

* = Selected rooms come with moveable loveseat and chair in a sitting room (suite or semi-suite style rooms only).

Building Features:
  • Laundry Room
  • Community kitchen
  • Central vending area
  • Ice Machine
  • Pool table
  • TV Lounge
  • Conveniently located basketball goal
  • Convenient Parking