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Classifying Positions: PeopleAdmin

UWG is using PeopleAdmin to give each manager access to the position descriptions of their employees. This system is used to classify and post positions as well as viewing resumes. Please use the following link: 

After accessing the web site, click on Create Account in the left column to set up your user name and password. Once it is approved, you should get an email notifying you. Please let us know once you receive your username and password and the Classification and Pay Analyst or member of human resources will give you a call or set up a meeting to get you started. Please create a shortcut on your desktop.

 PeopleAdmin: Department User's Guide

The People Admin “Department User’s Guide” is located at the top left hand corner of your PeopleAdmin login page. Department Managers can utilize this guide (included below) which includes step by step instructions regarding classification, job posting, and applicant tracking functions.

PeopleAdmin: Department User's Guide