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Delaware Study

The National Study of Instructional Costs & Productivity

The Delaware National Study of Instructional Costs and Productivity is a tool for comparative analysis of faculty teaching loads, direct cost of instruction, and externally funded research and service productivity, all at the level of the academic discipline. Study data should be viewed over time, not just in a single year, as sabbatical and other leave can impact both teaching loads and costs during the course of an academic year.  UWG's institutional data is presented alongside normative data from all participating institutions in our Carnegie classification. These data are solely intended for internal planning and budgeting purposes to facilitate unit and institutional improvement and are not intended for external presentation or publication. Please contact IEA at 678-839-6449 to request access to these data.

For more information on the Delaware Study, including information about the methodology of the study and how the study results should be utilized, please visit