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IRP Annual Report 2008 - 2009

Fiscal Year 2009 (July 1, 2008 to June 30, 2009)

Department of Institutional Research and Planning

Name of Department Head Dr. Ebenezer Kolajo

Name of Person Completing Report Dr. Ebenezer Kolajo and Tara Pearson

Departmental Mission/Vision Statement (url only, required)

Departmental Statement of Goals, Process to Assess These Goals, and Assessment Results (url only, required)

Give an Example of How your Department Used the Assessment of Goals and Outcomes to Change/Improve a Process

In response to the information needs of the members of the University community, as much data as possible are made available through the department’s website to accentuate access to data, thereby informing decision making at various levels of the institution. In addition, periodic reports are published to enhance data-based decision making at UWG.

General Statement of Department Condition (required)

The department welcomed a new director and a research analyst during the year. The additions meant a lot of changes in the way things are being done. The department's website was dramatically improved to facilitate stakeholder's access to data. The department is receptive to the needs of the University community and tries to gear up for continuous improvement in the realms of services provided.

General Statement of Department Condition (required)

The condition of the Department of Institutional Research and Planning is good. Funds have been granted for an additional analyst to be hired so that greater detail may be placed on the Board of Regents Records Retention Schedules and furthering UWG's compliance with the USG mandate regarding records management.

During the last three years, the IRP staff has tried to maintain a positive outlook for the future and has demonstrated this by continuously providing information in a timely/accurate manner, through excellent customer service and professionalism, all the while increasing the level of work. With an increase to detail that is required for completing external surveys/data requests, complying with the Board of Regents Records Retention Schedules, and the states open records laws, the new analyst position is a boost to office moral. Within the next year, IRP is preparing to increase awareness of the state laws regarding records retention and public record dissemination by requesting all departments complete a records inventory.

IRP will continue to increase visibility throughout the UWG community by educating staff and faculty on reports and data provided by IRP. IRP will continue exploring new ways of increasing the use of technology for a greater ease in data dissemination, and will focus on various procedures in order to comply with the state record and open record laws.

Departmental Achievements

The Department of Institutional Research and Planning's accomplishments are narrated below:

Work Log Number Percent
Data Requests 155 49%
Projects 39 12%
Surveys 49 16%
Open Records 56 18%
Records Management 17 5%
Total 316 100%

Mandatory Survey Completed (such as IPEDS)
External Surveys Completed
Projects Completed
Open Records, Subpoenas, and Production of Document Requests
Records Management
Staff Productivity
University Committee Services
Conferences/Webinars/Training/Statewide Meetings Attended
On-campus Training and Meetings
Professional Affiliations
Student Achievements

Not Applicable
Other Awards, Distinctions, and Achievements