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IRP Annual Report 2007-2008

Fiscal Year 2008 (July 1, 2007 to June 30, 2008)

Department of Institutional Research and Planning

Name of Department Head Dr. Michael Crafton (Interim Director)

Name of Person Completing Report Tara Pearson

Departmental Mission/Vision Statement (url only, required)

Departmental Statement of Goals, Process to Assess These Goals, and Assessment Results (url only, required)

Give an Example of how your Department Used the Assessment of Goals and Outcomes to Change/Improve a Process (required)

(Mission) Institutional Research and Planning further serves as records custodian for the University of West Georgia. In this capacity promotes the efficient administration and management of State governmental records in compliance with the Georgia Records Act and the Georgia Open Records Act. Institutional Research and Planning advises departments of appropriate records-keeping techniques and systems, and guides in development records retention schedules.

Starting in June 2008, the Board of Regents in cooperation with the Georgia State Archives formed a committee of records managers/archivist to review the Records Retention Manual. Each month the committee will meet to review each section of the manual and offer suggestions, clarifications, and revisions. This process will continue throughout the 2009 fiscal year and will result in a updated and customer friendly records retention manual.

General Statement of Department Condition (required)

The condition of the Department of Institutional Research and Planning is stable. The Director resigned his position after eight years in August 20007 and the Analyst I resigned her position after 1.5 years in November 2007. Since then the department was had an Interim Director and job responsibilities were shifted within the IRP office to continue the flow of work and requests.

IRP staff maintains a positive outlook for the future and has demonstrated this by continuously providing information in a timely/accurate manner, through excellent customer service and professionalism, all the while increasing the level of work. With an increase in job duties the IRP staff ‘s moral remains good even with the lack of staff and the shifting job duties IRP has had to place a hold on efforts to increase awareness of the state laws regarding records retention and public record dissemination. Regarding records efforts were focused on processing requests under the Georgia Open Records Act, subpoenas, and production of documents.

Again with limited personnel the IRP staff decreased the level of visibility throughout the UWG community, but was focused on maintaining outside connections with staff attending USG-IRP meeting, staff advisory council meetings, and Georgia Records conferences.

Departmental Achievements

For fiscal year 2008, the following chart shows the percentage of data requests, projects, Open Records requests, subpoenas, and external surveys completed by the IRP office. The IRP office completed 229 requests in FY2008. 99% of all requests were completed on or before deadline date. In FY2007, IRP completed 214 requests, an increase of 7 percent over the previous year. Due to limited personnel and constraints Records Management efforts were placed on hold. During fiscal year 2008 the IRP office processed 60 open records, subpoenas, and production of document requests. This is an increase of 20 percent over fiscal year 2007. As per the Georgia Records Act, from the time a request is received a response must be given in three business days (10 days for subpoenas and production of documents)

Staff Productivity

USG Staff Council Meeting, Fort Valley , GA (2007)

Southern Association of Institutional Researchers (SAIR) Conference, Little Rock, AK (2007)
USG IRP Fall Meeting, Savannah, GA (September 2007)
USG IRP Spring Meeting, Macon, GA (April 2008)

Georgia Records Association Fall Conference, Brasstown Valley, GA (November 2007)

Georgia Records Association Spring Conference, St. Simons Island, GA (June 2008)

Student Achievements
Other Awards, Distinctions, and Achievements