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Open Records

The amended Georgia Open Records Act (2012) has significant consequences for the University of West Georgia, as well as all state-supported colleges and universities. The amended Act made nearly all records accessible to any citizen who requests them. In compliance with the law, UWG will make records available, when appropriate, in a non-adversarial, open manner.

The Department of Institutional Effectiveness and Assessment ensures that the University is in compliance with the Open Records Act. However, this law also places important responsibilities on all University administrators and staff to understand the policies and procedures associated with compliance and to help eliminate unnecessary barriers to records. The procedures outlined in this document will help determine, in a timely manner, whether or not the requested records exist, fall under the law, and how to make them quickly accessible to the requestor.

Procedures for Responding to Open Records Requests

Adopted January 2000
Revised July 2012

Any University employee receiving a request for records held under his/her individual or departmental responsibility should immediately notify the Open Records Officer by emailing and contact the Institutional Effectiveness and Assessment Office by phone at 678-839-6449. According to the Act, UWG only has three business days to respond to the request.

To determine if your request falls under the Open Records Act, please contact Institutional Effectiveness and Assessment.
Office Phone: 678-839-6449
Office Fax: 678-839-4765