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Campus Theft

If a laptop, computer, or mobile device of any kind is stolen from you on University property, please contact the University Police immediately. You will be put in touch with the people who can help trace your machine on our network.

University Police: 678-839-6000
ITS: 678-839-6587 or email the service desk at 
Service Desk Hours of Operation
Emergency Support



Faculty and Staff

Laptops, computers, and mobile devices, that contain information or data related to university business (work emails, work related documents, or work records) that are stolen, compromised, or believed to be tampered with must be reported. This applies even if the incident takes place off campus.


If for some reason your laptop, computer, or mobile device is lost or stolen on University property we may be able to track it down. That is if you have your MAC (Media Access Control) address on hand. This however is something you must have prior to the device being stolen. Once ITS has your MAC address on hand we can track to see if your particular address shows up on our systems. look online for information on how to find your MAC adress, most laptops have this on the bottom of the case, however this is not always true. Once we locate it we can then hopefully apprehend the individual whom may be using the device.