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Alternatives to Piracy

Still wanting to download your favorite Movies and Music online? 

Do it the Legal way!

When it comes to downloading movies and music online it is very important to find out if you are doing it legally or not. If you do not pay some sort of charge for what ever you are permanently obtaining and accessing on your computer then you are more than likely doing it illegally, unless the download has been given special permissions. The University of West Georgia has composed a list of sites that can be used as a reference for purchasing, legally, movies, music, and software.

DISCLAIMER: The University of West Georgia assumes no responsibility for the content of third party websites linked from this page. It is our understanding that these sites are secure for download. However, users visiting these sites need to do so at his, or her own risk using your best judgment and common sense. You may want to read policy agreements for these sites prior to use.

Movie/TV Alternatives
  Hulu a free video service that offers hit TV shows and a variety of free movies. This particular site allows you to stream the movie or show, but not permanently  download it to your computer. 
YouTube Share your videos with friends, family, and the world 
   Netflix  Unlimited videos with a monthly fee
   Amazon Video on Demand  Rent movies on demand and or purchase them on your computer or television.
    CinemaNow  Buy and rent movies online  
Music Alternatives

  Pandora  Listen to free Internet Radio station that you create. Find and explore new music. This particular site allows you to stream music, but without permanently downloading it to your computer. 
  iTunes  Shop millions of songs and thousand of movies, TV shows, games, free radio, podcasts, apps, rent movies, and much more. 
  Napster  MP3 downloads and unlimited on-demand music streaming 
  Rhapsody  Millions of songs, online radio, downloads, music videos, and play lists.  
  Yahoo! Music Watch music videos, listen to Yahoo Radio, create your own music play list and much more.  
   eMusic  low monthly subscription allowing you to download music 
  To find more legal music sites. Visit RIAA the "Recording Industry Association of America."
Software Alternatives  A multi-platform and multilingual office suit and an open-source project 
  Microsoft Student Discount  Microsoft software discounts for student (OR you could check out in Cobb Hall the SITS counter for student software very cheap and installed for you on the spot!)  Free-to-try software downloads on the web 
  Sourceforge  Fast, secure and fee downloads Open Source applications and software directory. 

  For a larger list of legal alternatives for downloading visit Educause: Legal Alternatives for Downloading

The provided links below are all articles written by the ITS department addressing the ever growing problem of Piracy.

As always Compute Wisely!