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Why bother with IT Security Tips?

Today, whether we want to accept it or not everything relies on computers. While some people still manage to live without a computer most people rely on the Internet. From banking, to making purchases, medical and payroll information, travel, gaming and other entertainment … have you stopped to think how much of your personal life travels through cyber space, and is stored on a server in a big corporation, or on your home computer?  Along with today’s vast possibilities of technology to aid in our daily existence their are still risks. While some are small, others can reach devastating proportions. If you know somebody in your environment whose credit has been stolen, then you’ve probably heard the time and energy it takes to get it corrected.

While it’s certainly no guarantee to protect you, it’s important to be informed about security risks. Because the industry changes at such a rapid pace, it is necessary to ensure you computer is up to the latest update. This is a responsibility which we all have as individuals that is often overlooked due to ‘no time’ or ‘not today’ mentality. However, reality is that it takes moments for a perpetrator to steal an identity, hack a machine, or hit the ‘send’ key for a virus-laden email.

Some tips on how better protect your system: