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Tips for Encrypting Data

For faculty, and staff on campus whom may hold student PII it is highly recommended that your files be encrypted to protect your student's properly. 

PII is an abbreviation for Personal Identifiable Information. PII can be classified as the following: full name, SSN, Student ID, drivers license, handwriting, credit card number, digital identity, birthday, birth place, genetic information, mothers maiden name, or even a criminal record. 

What is Encryption?

  • Encryption is roughly defined as a program that takes document’s containing readable information, and transforms it to unreadable information for any individual whom does not have approved access to that particular document.
  • Encryption is used to protect PII (Personal Identifiable Information). 

What is the Importance of Encryption?

  • It is important to protect faculty, staff, and student PII (Personal Identifiable Information) from falling into the wrong hands.
  • By encrypting important documents, files, etc it is less likely that someone would be able to access PII information.