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Important IT Tips

 Secure your area when you leave!  If you are going to be away from your workstation for any amount of time it is always a good idea to lock your workstation.  Windows users can do this by pressing "Control+Alt+Delete" and selecting the "Lock Computer" option.  Your computer can be unlocked later by pressing "Control+Alt+Delete" again entering your password.  If you're going to be away from your desk for an extended period of time it is always a good idea to lock your door.

Do not share your username and password with anyone. Sharing a username and/or passwords with co-workers, family, students, or friends increases the risk of University exposure to viruses, phishing scams, and her compromising issues and concerns.  Consequently, it is a violation of this policy to share such information with anyone (see section 4.6 of the AUP).  The complete policy is available online at

Do not keep sensitive information that you do not need.  From time to time it is a necessary part of our jobs on campus to use sensitive information such as a social security number for a PAR or a credit card number to process a fee or payment.  Do not keep this information after you are done with it unless it is absolutely necessary.

Limit your personal files!  It's not unusual for any of us to occasionally use our email or computer for incidental personal needs. While this usage is expected, it's highly recommended that you limit the amount of personal files you store on your computer, and we advise strongly against maintaining any personal financial information such as taxes or banking information.

Secure shared workspace!  If you have a shared work area such as those often used by student assistants, take care to secure that area when it is not in use.  This can be achieved by keeping the workstation locked or powered off whenever it is not being used.