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 Many people at UWG depend on communication in another language. It is impossible for ITS to universally block non-English emails. If you have a problem with unwanted emails in a foreign character set, you can take action as an individual. Because these messages are in another language, our spam filter CanIt often cannot automatically block them based on the content, or treat them as a spam. CanIt does however allow you to control delivery of messages based on character set of the message. This feature will allow you to block those messages written in foreign character sets such as Russian or Greek.


Unsolicited commercial e-mail (or spam) is a problem that we have to deal with on a daily basis, as it fills up our in-boxes and takes a huge amount of time to dispose of. Roughly two years ago UWG implemented a spam filter called CanIt-PRO. This software (which runs on our mail server) scans e-mail messages and intuitively picks out those considered to be spam. These messages are held in quarantine until the user has the opportunity to examine them. If they are marked as spam they are discarded. Otherwise, delivery to your in-box is permitted.  After three days, any unexamined email is assumed to be spam. The messages are held in your trap for two more days before they are discarded.

To make your working or academic life a little bit easier, we strongly recommend that you actively use the CanIt spam filter. To learn more about how to access it and for answers to some frequently asked questions about CanIt, we have set up the following website for your convenience:

For additional questions, please do not hesitate to contact the IT Service Desk at 678-839-6587 or send a mail to

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