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Locking Your Computer

 Have you ever considered how long it takes for an experienced thief to steal something that holds your most valuable information? Have you considered what a hacker with malicious intent can do when you come strolling into an office with an unprotected computer?

To prevent thieves from easily accessing your data, and to increase security you should lock your computer. There are several ways to do this the method you choose is a matter of personal preference. For example you could use a password-protected screen saver that will automatically start after a certain time of inactivity. Even better, teach yourself to lock your machine any time you have to step outside or away from your desk. This is especially important when you have a high level access to certain applications within the work environment.

Here are some examples for how to lock your computer:

Some further advice:

   1. Please do not display your password for everybody to see.

   2. It is not inappropriate to politely ask somebody to turn away while you type your password to unlock your system.